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You are a marketer, a writer, you dedicate yourself to ecommerce, a legal professional or simply someone who wants to start an online business and needs a website to make himself known, then you can not stop reading this article where I present 19 free website creators for you. you can start your project online.

The first thing to be clear about is:

What is a website builder?

It is very simple, it is a web page creator that allows you to build your site without having to write a single line of code, this is achieved by having a visual editor that makes your work easier

Would you like to create a website with WordPress, which is the best platform on the entire Internet?

Advantages of online web builders.

  • You can work on your page 100% online from anywhere without having to download programs to your computer.
  • It is not necessary to upload anything to the platform so it is not necessary to use FTP servers.
  • On many occasions it is not necessary to buy a domain or hire hosting since the same company offers it to you.
  • You don’t have to buy programs.
  • On many occasions, companies offer you programs that are free.

What types of free web pages can I create with these platforms?

The type of website that you can create with these platforms ranges from a Blog, which is a very special website that I will refer to because it is one of the most powerful tools for marketing.

Another type of website, are those of an Institutional type that are basically made up of a series of static pages that show specific information about the company, what it does and what services it provides.

Another type of website is online stores, whose objective is to sell physical or intangible products, an example is Amazon, Mercado Libre, online retail stores.

A special type of web pages are the Landing page or landing pages, they are websites that have a single objective and that is to capture the data of people who are very interested in the subject. It is a very simple and clean page, with a specific and brief message that leads the visitor to fill out a contact form.

Forums are websites where members ask questions and others answer, topics are discussed where members participate by giving their opinion or answering the questions that others ask.

Finally we have the social sites or social networks that we all know such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Redit, etc.

What are the best pages or platforms to create a web page?

The best platform to create your website or blog will depend on your needs or for what purpose you want to create it.

In this post I show you 19 website builders, some are 100% free but with some limitations and others have a free trial period, but then you have to take out your credit card and pay.

Let’s go first with which you can create your web pages for free


Blogger is a platform that allows you to create unlimited blogs 100% free of the topics you want and also allows you to monetize them with Google Adsense advertising.

free website platform

One of the advantages of Blogger is that it is owned by Google, so it has certain privileges for the blogs created with its platform.

With blogger you can make many, even a virtual store using a specific template for this case, however the limitation is that it does not allow you to make advanced customizations.

However, if you are going to opt for a niche blog, this is a very good option to start for free.

To use this platform you are required to create a Google account.


One of my favorites because of how powerful this platform is, however the free version has several limitations compared to a paid one, for example advertising on your pages and blogs.

to create free web pages

With this platform you can make blogs, web pages, virtual stores, buy domains and so on.

Of the topics not to mention, there is something for all tastes depending on the theme of your blog.

In terms of versatility there is no comparison, if you want to add additional functionality there are plugins that enhance your website making it even more powerful.

In my opinion, for a beginner it is fine to use a WordPress.com blog, but if you are already a little more advanced, you should install the WordPress.org option, which is more powerful and allows you to customize everything you want.

Wix , an excellent quality free website builder

Wix is ​​one of the best known web development platforms 100% online in the cloud. The interesting thing about this platform is that it is very intuitive and easy to use.

how to create free web pages

On this platform you have hundreds of templates and many functions with which you can create a website, a blog or an online store for free.

At Wix you have free hosting, a simple drag and drop editor and you don’t need to know anything about HTML to be able to build your page for free, 100% responsive sites with mobile devices

Google sites

This platform belongs to the Google company, it is very easy and intuitive to use and my recommendation is that if you don’t have much budget to create a paid website, do it with Google sites. Of course, it is not as powerful as a paid WordPress site, but you will have everything you need to build a website to start your online business.

Weebly , an alternative to build your web pages for free and easy

Weebly is a website builder, it is a very easy to use program and it only takes a few clicks and personal touches, so that you have a website ready to start working, receive traffic and convert it into subscribers and sales.

Like any leading platform, the interface is very intuitive, you just have to drag and drop to add content, images, videos, audio, etc.

It also has a wide variety of themes and templates that you can use to design any website of the niche you want, you can also access a free version where you can use all the functions that free allows you.

Yola online creator of web pages with a 100% free version

This page is an interface that allows you to create a simple web page at no cost in its free version.

However, if you want a more advanced and professional page you have to access a payment account.

The interesting thing as it happens with all these platforms, you do not have to have advanced knowledge to be able to design your own page, everything is limited to drag and drop, that simple.

This platform is ideal for small businesses or entrepreneurs who are starting out in this world of Internet business.

A disadvantage is that with a free account you can only have 2 pages to publish content or articles and two normal pages.


If you are looking for a way to create a community around education where you can teach students, participate in discussion topics or develop projects together with the student community, then Edublogs is the ideal tool that is 100% free and you will never be will charge a single penny.

Edublogs, is a tool created by the WordPres company, which is synonymous with worldwide prestige.


For those people who want to venture with a 100% personal site and not be limited to only customize what the interface allows, then you can start with this company that offers you 100% free hosting in which you can host a domain and start with a WordPress website that for my taste is the best of all for the ability to customize everything you want.

Get started today and learn WordPress with FreeHostia.


This is a platform that allows you to build a website with just drag and drop, it is an easy-to-use interface with everything you need to create a simple, business website or a virtual store to sell your products online.

The only drawback is that it does not allow you to make a free website, all plans are paid, the cheapest one costs 5.99 dollars and it does not allow you to make a more powerful website, only a very basic one.

10 Jimdo , very good to create free web pages

This is one of the oldest platforms, ideal for entrepreneurs who want to start and do not have the resources to pay for hosting.


Jimdo offers you three plans: Play, Start, Grow, and Company Profile. Of course, the free one is the play plan, it puts at your disposal all the functions and a sub domain jimdo.site.com, with which you can start your business at 0 cost.

The products you find on this platform are: Website, online store, custom domain and logo,

11 web node

It offers you to create your own web page for free without a credit card, registration with email, secure and encrypted, the problem is that later you have to contract a paid plan to be able to work.

An advantage is that you can create your page from any device, be it a PC or a mobile phone.

Another advantage that I see is that the paid plans are not expensive compared to other companies.

The designs are modern and attractive to the eye, which gives a very professional feeling.

You have 4 types of paid plans that are: Limited, Mini, Standard, Professional.

12 Site 123

Intuitive, easy to use with an efficient drag and drop editor, Site123 offers you a 100% free website with a sub domain so you can start your project online. You can use the pre-designed templates to save time or make it complete from scratch, all customized to your liking.

It has only two plans, the free plan and the premium plan that has a value of 7.80 dollars per month.

13 square space

This is a paid builder, but you can start for free and create your website thanks to a free trial period.

It is very similar to the previous alternatives with a drag and drop editing system, nothing complicated.

You can create a website, a blog, create an online store, sell products and services, build your personal brand or whatever suits you best.

As I mentioned, the only disadvantage is that it does not have a 100% free plan, there is only a limited trial period, then you have to hire a plan to continue using your website.

14 Zyros

This is a very good alternative if you have some budget to finance a state-of-the-art website. You can start the construction of your site under a trial period where you do not have to pay.

What I like about this platform is the number of products it has.

You can create a website, an online store, domains. In addition to the above, you can create logos, resize images, have a privacy policy generator, refund policy generator, heat map, etc.

If you have a budget, it is not a bad idea to try.

15 Odoo

This is an advanced platform with hundreds of applications that you can integrate into your online project.

I recommend this platform to more robust businesses, where it is necessary to manage many operations related to the operation of the company.

16 Mobirise , excellent to create web pages for PC and mobile devices free, easy and fast

With this application that you download directly to your PC, you can create pages at the speed of light compatible with mobile phones and Google without programming or having to know anything about codes and the best that is available for free.


With Mobirise you can create small or medium web pages, online summaries, portfolios, promotional pages, capture pages, etc.

Excellent for creating pages that look professional, minimalist that look very clean, but at the same time beautiful, very easy to design with the wide variety of blocks that this company makes available to you so you can show off on the web.

17 Weblium

One of the notable features is its intelligent design system that automatically adjusts the visual appearance as you build and edit your web page.

It is responsive with mobile devices and its visual appearance looks spectacular on any type of device.

It has advanced settings for search engines.

And a very good news is that you can start for free, then if you feel comfortable you can upgrade to a paid plan with more features and advanced design features.

18 FreeHosting , with this hosting you can create your web pages for free

Do you want to create a WordPress blog or a 100% free website?

With FreeHosting you can do it because it offers you a 100% free plan where you can host your WordPress website or blog and the only thing you would have to pay is a domain that you can get for your first year for a couple of dollars.

For my personal taste, a website created with WordPress gives you many more advantages than one created with another builder.

The reason is very simple, google loves websites created with WordPress and that is a huge advantage,

19 Mozelle

It is very similar to the ones we have described before, it has a drag and drop editor builder, compatible with mobile devices and you can offer your products and services in several languages.

You can easily create an online store or a website for a specific niche.

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