22 digital marketing tricks to boost your business online – infographic

22 digital marketing tricks to boost your business online - infographic

In 2016, around $ 44.94 billion was spent in Europe on digital marketing, and in 2022 the figure is expected to rise to a whopping $ 68.043 billion. A field that grows in popularity by the day, digital marketing has been the star this past decade and for some, it remains a mystery.

In this post and infographic we talk about what at eduweb we consider the basis of digital marketing. We try to simplify the issue so that startups, companies or professionals, who are overwhelmed by the large number of things they have to do, have it clearer.

Web pages produce conversions

Your website is not just a business card. It can be a source of leads and sales for your business. To do this, you must be able to convert web visitors into leads. With the profile of your potential client in mind, you should make sure that your website provides them with the maximum facilities, either when browsing, knowing your products or services, or simply contacting you. Therefore, adding forms to each page of your website, among other things, can work miracles and prevent the client from having to strain their mind when browsing to make a query and not do it.

You can also place customer testimonials on various pages of your website and implement plugins that show the movement on your social networks; This will make a good impression and finally attract them to buy your product or service. You seek this to complement your team and sales strategy and for your testimonials to do the work for you since potential clients often want to see proof of the benefits and benefits of products or services from third parties.

Finally, are you aware of the fact that an increasing number of Internet users use their smartphones to surf the web and social networks instead of, for example, laptops? This is where the importance of having a mobile-friendly website comes into play since most of your visitors will browse your website through their smartphone or tablet and not through their laptop. Make sure that the mobile version of your website is equally efficient and friendly!

Email Marketing

Let’s put it this way: do you know someone who doesn’t have an email address? Us neither. Statistics say that accessing email is the task that people do the most with their smartphones, rather than sending messages, searching the internet, or using social networks.22 trucosemail marketing eduweb

Therefore, reaching your current or potential clients through their email can be the best marketing tool you can use. It has more value if possible since it can be customized specifically for each client. Keep in mind that often your customers may not always be aware of a new blog post or a new service or product that your company has just launched. With email marketing, your customers can be aware of all this, as well as new promotions and updates specifically aimed at them. As a data, a study carried out by Adobe found that its current customers are 9 times more likely to buy on its website than those who arrive for the first time.

How do I do an email marketing campaign? It’s pretty simple, really. Contact eduweb and we will help you to do it !

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO , as it is more commonly known, is today the buzzword in online marketing. SEO is the main source of organic traffic and leads. 97% of consumers use the internet to search for products or services and SEO is the vital tool for them to find you.

So how can you plan for SEO? To track your web traffic, install Google Analytics; To communicate with Google, install the Google search console and finally install a plugin like Yoast if you are using WordPress. After submitting your web map to the Google search console, you should start creating content based on your keywords. This, together with the fact that the URLs of your website are short and concise, will gradually lead you to improve your search engine positioning and therefore attract visitors to your website and potential customers.

There are many other strategies, we will leave it for another post… For more information, consult our SEO services

Social Networks – Social Media

In the current decade, social networks have become the driving force of companies. It can be said that your brand does not exist if it is not on social networks. Updating is crucial for your business, both to attract more customers and to keep existing ones. Similar to email marketing, social media marketinghelp your brand to be present and at the earliest; Either targeting current customers with new promotions and services, or targeting potential customers with the use of advertisements. Don’t you think that our day-to-day life often seems incomplete if you haven’t visited your social networks a few times a day? (In Singapore, for example, they spend 2.2 hours a day on them !!). A fact to see the importance of social networks: 91% of retail brands are on two or more platforms… aren’t you?

Based on your website, connectivity to various social media platforms and vice versa should be your top priority. This can be established by adding social sharing buttons to each page of your website in order to increase traffic and search for potential customers. However, before you can share and spread on social networks, it is essential that the content of your website is sufficiently interesting and/or beneficial for its users. Keep in mind that social networks, as their name suggests, are platforms for socializing and not for selling. Therefore, brands should strive to provide value and useful content on social media, with the goal of building a long-term relationship with their audience.
As input, we recommend that brands try Facebook advertising. It allows you to reach a large audience group at a low cost compared to other traditional advertising platforms, such as newspapers or magazines. However, there must be a proper strategy if you want to get a positive ROI (Return on Investment) from your Facebook ads. For this, you can consult eduweb.


Creating a blog is a perfect method to generate recommendations. It is based on the idea of ​​using the information to build trust. Pay close attention to content and always prioritize quality over quantity. If consumers of your blog posts feel disappointed after reading a low-quality post, they may not return to your site when you post again.

Review the recurring inquiries and doubts and frustrations of your customers and turn them into posts on your blog. The tone of the content itself should be addressed to appeal to reading; the best approach is to make it easy to read and elicit comments that can be transferred to social media. Take your time to write your post headlines; With the fast-paced life we ​​live, your clients will read the headline quickly and if they are interested they will read the rest, keep that in mind.


Things are going fast. Adapting to the evolution of the world has become crucial, if you do not, you or your company may be left behind. Your customers expect you to maintain a good online presence and it has also been proven time and again that digital marketing surpasses traditional marketing in many respects, be it in cost, convenience or reach. From eduweb we hope that the infographic and the previously commented on online marketing will help you and if not, here you have us for what you need!

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