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Backlinks with content are the most important factors in the search engine performance of your web pages.

If that tells you anything, backlinks should be very important and should be treated that way.

Processing your site's backlinks starts with understanding what your backlink profile looks like. In other words, you will need to analyze your backlinks to find out where you are.

And this is where a free backlink checker tool comes in.


Our free tool is designed to thoroughly analyze your site's backlinks.

Developed by Small SEO Tools (SST), this free tool is fully integrated with Ahrefs' engine to render and display a detailed backlink report for any active site or web page.

With this tool you can:

  • Find out and track where your backlinks are coming from
  • Analyze backlinks for any site
  • Explore Your Most Effective Content
  • See which keywords or pages are bringing you the most links
  • Find your competitors' most valuable backlinks and research to identify patterns and link-building opportunities.

What specific metrics can you dig with this tool?

Since our tool is integrated with Ahrefs for the best results, it does more than just display a list of your site's backlinks.

  • It shows you the URL of a specific web page that links to your site.
  • It shows you the exact anchor text used in the backlink.
  • It shows the ranking of the Ahref domain.
  • It shows the type of link (Nofollow or Follow).
  • It shows you the option to check the Ahrefs URL rating of a website.

But that's not all. To help you further, our free tool will show you several more important metrics, including:

  • Ahref ranking your site
  • Ahrefs DR score your site (Domain Ranking)
  • The total number of backlinks to your site
  • The total number of referring domains to your site
  • Organic keywords
  • Organic traffic
  • The number of Dofollow links on your site
  • Number of Nofollow links on your site
  • Total number of referring IP addresses

And guess what: you get it all for free.

The initial report is often limited to the first 100 backlinks pointing to your domain - where it shows one link per domain - but you can click next to see all of the links.


Our tool is surprisingly easy to use. You don't need to be an SEO expert to use it. It only takes three simple steps:

Step # 1: Enter this page (https://i-seotools.com/backlink-checker) where you are already located.

Step # 2: In the space provided, enter your URL. This can be the primary domain pointing to the site's home page, or the URL for a specific page, or the URL for a blog. You can choose whether the tool will display external links pointing to all pages in the domain, or to that single page with the URL you entered.

Step # 3: Click on the Check Backlink button. Your specific request may require you to complete the CAPTCHA. If so, keep doing this. After you have completed the three steps above, the tool will immediately show you the results. You can download the report if you like.

Most of the other programs show only a few results (eg 10) per page. But our program can show you the top 100 backlinks per URL. And you have the opportunity to view more.

Our tool not only shows backlinks but also collects and displays other important metrics.


So, after getting all these backlink details, what should you do with them?

Here are five of the best ideas:

Search engine optimization. Improving your SEO is probably the most lucrative thing you can do with backlinks. The information our online tool provides will help you understand how best to improve your backlink profile to improve your search engine rankings.

Lost Links Recovery: Thanks to the information our tool provides, you can find and recover your lost links. Take a look at 404 pages that contain inbound links. Using a 301 redirect will help ensure that your site visitors and search engines are directed to the right page.

Competitor Backlink Audit: Analyze your competitors' link profile and look for opportunities that can help improve your link building and search performance. Whenever you check or audit a competitor's backlinks, you should also check inbound links that point to high-ranked pages.

Build Relationships: Make sure people link to your sites to forge even better relationships. You can also use this tool to find trustworthy influencers who are associated with your business. They can help you reach your target audience and earn you a valuable link. Find and discuss possible ways to get a link or two of them based on the information our tool provides.

Build the best backlink profile. This tool allows you to see the quality of the sites that link to your sites.

You will also be able to determine which areas of link building (blog comments, social bookmarking blogs, etc.) are most effective for your website. All of these will help you create a better link profile.


Backlinks are links on other sites that point to your site. These are also referred to as inbound links.

Generally, the more backlinks a site has, the better it will perform on search engine results pages. Also, the higher the quality of your backlinks, the higher your chances of ranking.

How? Google and some other search engines treat each backlink as a type of recommendation. Thus, the higher the number of backlinks (and their quality) pointing to your website, the higher the credibility of the search engines in your website. Ultimately, the better your rating.

“So when building backlinks, don't just focus on the number of links. Instead, go for quality too. (Use our free domain authority checker)

If your site has a lot of low-quality backlinks or spam links, your SERP ranking will suffer. In other words, it's better to have 10 natural, high-quality backlinks than 100 low-quality backlinks.

This is why you need to use our tool to track and check your site's backlinks and their significance.

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