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About Domain Age Checker


How well you “do” in online business depends directly on how well you “know”.

Because you know what you are going to use. And your results will depend on your application.

Even the seemingly insignificant information can keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Of course, this requires critical knowledge of how best to attract customers to your company. However, it also includes elementary details like the domain age of your URL.

That's why we created this free, standardized tool for checking domain ages.


In simple terms, “domain age” refers to the time a domain name existed. That's how old a domain name is.

For example, if a domain name was registered in 2010, the domain age will be 10 years by 2020.

And what is a domain name? It's the URL of a website, just like This is the address that Internet users can use to access your website.


Domain Age Checker is a tool that we developed primarily for checking the age of domain names on the Internet.

This is by far the most powerful domain age checking tool you can find on the web as it comes with important domain name verification features.

Usually, other Domain Age Checkers show the age of the domain in years.

However, Domain Age Checker from is much more sophisticated.

Our domain tool not only shows you the age of your domain name but also the exact time, day, month, and year in which the domain name was created.

But the rich offer does not end there!

Our domain age checker also allows you to show you even more details about your domain name, including:

  • The date the domain was last updated
  • The expiration date of the domain
  • IP address (the IP address indicates who is currently hosting the website and what type of IP address it has)
  • Name servers attached to the domain name
  • Backlink to review the history of the domain name on including previous designs, layouts, content, etc.
  • Registrar of the domain name.

This means that the tool serves not only as a domain age verification but also as:

  • Checking the validity period of the domain
  • Domain IP address screening
  • Web host checker
  • Domain name server verification
  • Domain Registrar Checker

With this feature set, all you can do is agree that this is not the average age checker for domains, but rather a complex domain name analyzer.

Oh, and did we mention you can get all of this for $ 0. completely free. No hidden fees, no monthly fees. You can even use it without prior registration.


Our Domain Age Analyzer is so easy to use, you'll have fun!

You can check a single domain name or do a bulk domain age check.

This is how it works:

Step 1:

To be able to use the tool, you must first be on this page (, where you are now

Step 2:

Enter your domain name with HTTP: // in the text field.

Step 3:

When you've entered your domain names, click “Check Domain Age” to complete the request.

It takes about a second for our well-built engine to produce what usually looks like this:

You can click "More Info" to view more details as follows:

If you click on “History of Domain” the engine will show you the history of the domain. If the domain was registered 15 years ago and used and discarded for five years and re-registered and activated 3 years ago, history will show all of this.

This will give you an excellent idea of ??how old the domain is. You will also find out whether there were one or more previous owners.

No other machine is so sophisticated in the entire interweb.


There are several reasons you might want to check the age of a domain name. These are listed below.

But first, remember that you can check the following:

  • The age of an existing domain name that you want to buy
  • The age of your competitor's domain names
  • Or just the age of your domain name.

Of course, the main reason for checking domain age is to know WHEN the domain was registered and HOW OLD it is now.

By now you probably already know when you registered your domain name. So if you look up, this isn't the best way to pass your time and won't be of much use to you (unless you forgot when you registered your domain name).

That leaves us with the other two options:

  • Check the domain age of a name you are about to buy
  • Check the age of competing domains

Checking the age of your competitors' domains is only one thing for you: you now know how long their domain names have existed, which gives you an idea of ??what you are competing with.

On the other hand, checking the age of a domain name you're about to buy can give you an idea of ??what you're getting into.

For these two reasons, the following are the reasons why knowing the age of the domain is important:

  1. It will give you an idea of ??the size of the domain name's backlink profile, there is a high probability that an older domain name will have a larger link profile, why? Because it has been around for a long time and has accumulated some links over time, the owner may have put some effort into creating high-quality backlinks, and search engines take the quantity and quality of backlinks into account when ranking a website. The SEO work that the previous owner has done in the past to create a good link profile can be a huge plus for future owners.
  2. You, Will, Get An Idea Of How Well The Domain Is Performing In Search Engine Rankings As mentioned above, chances are a long-standing domain name (with a high-quality backlink profile) will do reasonably well in searches. Most SEOs believe that the age of the domain is one of the factors in Google's ranking, and having a domain ranked well in search engines will save you a lot of time, money, and effort. Checking the age can give you an idea of ??how good the name is at finding it.
  3. You will get an idea of ??how much traffic to expect A long-standing and established domain will get quite a bit of traffic. While other factors determine a website's traffic, such as posting regular content, etc. Name that has been around for a while will "naturally" still perform better than new ones in terms of organic or direct traffic.
  4. Getting an Idea of ??Domain Name Reputation Buying a brand new domain name means building from scratch to build a reputation. However, the long-standing domain names sometimes have an already established positive reputation in their market segment, which means that the users have already developed some confidence in the name since it was already there and it already knows it if you are the age Checking the domain will give you an idea of ??how long it's been there.
  5. You will get an idea of ??how bad the domain name can be. Considering the four points above, you can think that all long-standing domain names are pure and heavenly. Don't get perverted, they are not all perfect. After you know the age of a domain name-checked and determined that it has existed for a long time, you can do your best to find out if the domain name is negative and for how long. For example, the previous owner used black hat SEO techniques to get some search engine benefits.

Another problem associated with some existing domain names is the poor reputation of users. Some users may have blocked the website or classified it as spam or malware. If these shortcomings are not addressed, the future of the domain could be at stake.

Checking the domain name will give you an idea of ??how long it has been around so you can do an intraday investigation before you buy.


Just go ahead and check out NOW

All of the domain information our tool provides can help you make the best decision about buying a used domain name.

However, you shouldn't rely on just this one tool to make a decision. You should research the domain name thoroughly and we have several tools to do that.

These include the Backlink Checker, Whois Checker, Domain Authority Checker, and Blacklist Lookup tools. All of these tools can help you make the right purchasing decision about purchasing an existing domain name.