Affiliate marketing what it is and how to make $ 1000 or more


What is Affiliate Marketing and how it can help you create a monthly income of 4 figures or more, from 1000 to 3000 dollars a month and more, also develop multiple sources of income, and live 100% of the internet.

Dear reader, this is going to be the objective of this content, to be able to help you understand what this online business is about and of course give you the necessary knowledge so that you can start working with it today.

What is affiliate marketing definition.

The first thing I will do is explain what affiliate digital marketing is and how it works .

In simple words, it is selling someone else’s products, and every time you make a sale, you earn a commission.


As you can see, this is not very different from the activity of selling physical products commission agent.

The difference is in the commission percentages and the way to sell.

While the commission seller of tangible physical products, which can be: clothing, food, shoes, spare parts, they have to sell in person.

An internet marketer, who promotes affiliate products, does so from the comfort of his home, or from wherever he is, since his office is his laptop.

In addition, their profits are much more juicy compared to 4 or 7% achieved by an in-person commission agent, against 50 to 70% per sale that sellers of affiliate digital products earn.

As you can see, affiliate marketing is a great way to start a profitable business from home and you can do it 100% online.

However, it is necessary to apply some digital marketing strategy, so that your business grows and is solid over time.

Affiliate Marketing Examples.

I will try to be quite precise and punctual at this point, in order not to write content that does not contribute anything.

So, let’s get to work and let’s go to what summons us.

Tangible affiliate products.

An example of affiliate marketing that at least we all know about is Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress.

These affiliate networks work mostly with tangible physical products, and you can promote them from any country, to the whole world if you wish.

Web products and services

Another example of affiliate marketing are companies that sell domains and web hosting, these companies have their own affiliate program, and every time a sale is made from your affiliate link, you earn a commission.

Among the most important business objectives is to use affiliate marketing as an efficient and effective tool for promotion and sales, because it allows them to sell without spending a single penny on advertising.

It is also a win-win business, because the company that offers the service wins, the affiliate who promotes it wins, and the one who buys it wins, because they acquire a recommended product from a person who is using it and attests that it is good. Quality.

Digital affiliate products.

Another example of affiliate marketing is affiliate networks that are dedicated to digital products.

These digital products can be E-Book, video courses, software, online tools, audio courses, web templates, images, PLR products, etc.

ClickBank, Jvzzo, Hotmart, are some of the most popular affiliate platforms that you can work with.

Finally we have the CPA Affiliate Marketing.

This is not so well known in the Latin world, but in the Anglo world it is widely used.

One of the virtues of CPA marketing is that you can earn money without having to sell absolutely anything online, because depending on the offer you run, you will win every time someone leaves their E-mail and their name, or by downloading a software, or register in an online game.

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How much you earn from affiliate marketing.

The amount of money you can earn with affiliate marketing will depend mainly on the product you are promoting and the percentage of commission that the affiliate program grants.

In ClickBank, you can find products that pay between 50 and 70% commission, this is amazing, since you could earn a commission of 500 dollars, every time you sell a product of US $ 1000 and more if the commission is higher.

It should be noted that the Clickbank affiliate network is mostly oriented to the Anglo market, since most of its products are in the English language.

However, this is not and should not be an obstacle for a Latino to promote their products and you should take it into consideration, because this market buys much more, and buys products of great value.

Another excellent platform is Hotmart, which is oriented to the Latin world.

Within this online marketing platform, you can find very good products with a 50% commission per sale.

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You have many products to choose from with which you can earn a lot of money as an affiliate, if you apply the correct online marketing strategies.

But, if you are a beginner, I advise you to start promoting lower value products so that you get sales and do not get frustrated.

The feeling of selling will keep you in a positive frame of mind and with the necessary energy to keep growing.

However, it is important to note that there is a variable that most leave aside and that is the planning of everything you must do to be able to be successful promoting products of the aforementioned affiliate programs.

Implementing a marketing plan is essential to be able to focus on those tasks that will make you earn money and discard those that are only going to distract you and waste time.

Remember that for an online entrepreneur who does not have many resources, time is their most valuable asset and losing it is expensive, because money can be recovered, but time cannot.

You can make money fast with affiliate marketing.

Most of the people who enter to try their luck with this business, do so in the hope of being able to make quick and easy money.

These are the false expectations that many inexperienced people have sown, who with the desire to sell have sown social networks with messages that online you can earn a lot of money without working.

This is not as simple as it seems, probably, your first income will be very low, or simply, as it happens to many, they will not earn anything, because they do not have the training or knowledge of how to make money online as an affiliate .

Now, what is true is that if you apply and don’t get frustrated, and keep going, learning and applying, you will start to have your first sales.

With affiliate marketing, you can make very good money, and I am not talking about hundreds of dollars, but thousands of dollars per month, but this does not happen overnight.

Build your audience, your target audience, love them, and then sell them.

The first thing you should do is build a good audience that follows you and consumes your content. This is called a loyal audience.

It’s not just about selling, it’s about helping by making useful content available, and being generous.

For this to happen, you have an obligation to educate yourself in the niche you are going to work.

You need your audience to see you as someone capable, someone they can trust.

For example, if you are going to promote health-related products, which by the way is a niche that moves hundreds of millions of dollars, then you have to learn the subject, you cannot sell something that you are totally ignorant of.

For this there are thousands of blogs that talk about these health and fitness issues.

Of the niche you choose, you will find information on the internet, your strength is in knowing how to use this information, to be able to sell the affiliate products that you want to promote.

At this point, the implementation of a very good Content Marketing strategy begins to make sense.

It is also important to understand and know who your buyer persona is and build an empathy map.

This is fundamental, because from this study your whole strategy is born to be able to reach that hungry public, this is like placing the target in the exact path where the arrow goes.

When you have gained enough experience, you can get money very quickly, you just have to look for a high quality product and repeat the same process that made you earn a lot of money with the previous product.

By the way, this new product does not have to be from the same niche, it could be a different one and that there is a public very interested in the subject.

You can create multiple sources of income by repeating the method over and over again.

This is how the most successful affiliates make a monthly income of 4 and 5 figures in dollars, all 100% from the Internet.

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative business, but the key to getting the money in your pocket is to first be willing to help and give value.

Because affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable and easy to implement businesses.


First I want to make it clear that saying easy to implement does not mean easy to earn money online.

It is easy to implement, because you do not have to create products, they are already made for you to take and promote.

If the product has a good affiliate program, you will have many tools to promote this product, which saves you time, because you do not have to create them yourself.

And finally, these affiliate pages in some cases have a basic training, where they teach you some strategies to promote the products.

This last point is very important, since it simplifies your work a lot.

A very powerful tip or tips is that, when you choose a product, take this characteristic into account, even more so, if you are a beginner novice.

Affiliate Marketing, Advantages and Disadvantages.

Advantages of working with affiliate marketing.

  1. You save yourself the work and difficulty of creating your own products and all the battery of tools you need to start promoting and making money online.
  2. It is the easiest way to start a business from home 100% online.
  3. You don’t have to worry about the sales and customer service process. You only have to worry about the promotion process and looking for the best sources of traffic for the product you are promoting.
  4. You can learn the business very quickly since there are affiliate programs that have training where they teach you to promote their products.
  5. You have a range of niche products that you can make very good money with. You just have to learn to promote them and then to receive the commissions.

Disadvantages of promoting affiliate products

  1. You can damage your image if you make the mistake of promoting a poor quality product.
  2. You lose control over the people who visit the affiliate link, since in the event of a sale or a subscription registration, the customer data remains with the owner and not with you.
  3. By not being the owner of the product, you only have the right to promote it and you lose the possibility of others selling it for you. That is why a producer makes money passively, because apart from his own sales, he also receives income from the sale of others.

How to build a profitable home business with little investment and live 100% off the Internet.

For me, the perfect business that meets all the characteristics of the title is still affiliate marketing.

The rationale for why I love affiliate marketing so much is because of its simple implementation, which makes it perfect for a novice affiliate.

Since as we said before, you do not need not to have your own product to start generating income and the number of niches, sub-niches and micro-niches that there are to exploit, is incredibly wide.

Now, the strategy or strategies that you are going to apply to achieve acceptable results in the short and medium term will depend exclusively on the resources you have available to invest.

Learning from a successful affiliate who has an effective methodology is the formula to achieve results in the shortest time possible.

This business can be very lucrative, if you are willing to invest in quality knowledge.

You can make money online without investing a single penny with the affiliate marketing business model.

Absolutely yes, you can earn a lot of money with this business model without investing a single dollar.

For all those entrepreneurs who want to start this business and do not have the money to buy domains, hosting and specialized courses on the subject, they can start for free, and there are hundreds of strategies to be successful.

I know a lot of bloggers, who do this business with thematic blogs of specific niches and generate numbers of envy.

In addition, they started the business without knowing absolutely anything and all the knowledge they obtained from the Google teacher and the YouTube master and their initial investment was to buy a domain and hire a cheap and good hosting.

If my friend, if you do not have to invest money in yourself, then you have no choice but to work hard and study a lot, but, believe me, the satisfaction of knowing how to turn the Internet into a machine to make money online, cut the chains that you they had tied and it makes you truly free.

It is true the process is much slower, and literally, you change money for time.

Because you are going to have to experiment alone and you are going to err a lot, but if there are hundreds of thousands of people who have achieved it and are not smarter than you and me, you can do it, you can start making money from home.

How to position yourself as an authority, increase trust and get your target audience to buy the products you promote.

The first thing is to be consistent with what you are recommending. In short, know the product and of course you are using it.

If this is not the case and you do not use the product because you have not bought it, at least, look for information on the Internet and make sure it is of quality.

Review the sales letter, watch the videos. check out the promotional tools.

In general, quality products have an affiliate page, where they put at your disposal a large number of tools to promote.

Second, avoid promoting poor quality products. Remember that prestige on the Internet sells.

Third, don’t be mean, add value and quality to the content you share. If you are going to teach how to make money with a blog, how to get followers on Instagram or increase followers on YouTube.

Make it real content, that when you put it into practice your audience gets results.

This is excellent, as it increases your credibility and it will be much easier for your audience to buy what you recommend.

Fourth, create an audience for your niche. There are many strategies to create organic audience, you can also buy advertising to increase the growth of your audience much faster.

How to create a loyal audience to develop your Affiliate Marketing business.

There are many ways to create audiences, but in this post I am going to suggest 4 ways that you can develop without having to invest.

The first strategy is to create a channel on YouTube.

Youtube is the second most important search engine and is a very specific and high quality traffic source. Simply put, YouTube traffic converts exceptionally well if your channel is of quality, and if you have an audience that believes in you.

That is why I recommended you to deliver the best content, if you do it, the subscribers to your channel will reach by the thousands.

Probably at the beginning it will cost you a bit, but if you are constant and upload videos with good quality content, your audience will grow and along with it your income.

The second strategy is to create a business profile on Instagram.

Instagram is a very powerful social network to start making money from affiliate marketing.

However, not everyone in this network for the purpose of doing business achieves their goal.

The reason is that they have irrelevant profiles and publish very personal content that the public is not interested in.

Another mistake is that they immediately begin to publish their businesses and products, and that far from being beneficial, it is harmful, because it prevents the growth of your account and the instagram algorithm, seeing that there is no interaction, restricts the reach of the publications .

If you want to start with Instagram, the first thing you should do is a good profile related to the niche you are going to work, which is interesting and second, publish valuable content.

Third strategy. Create a niche blog

I love blogging, and it is one of my favorite strategies, because it gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge and teach.

Many are intimidated by this strategy, because it is a way to create a longer-term audience, and they are absolutely right.

The fruits of your work will not be seen overnight, as happens when you run the promotion with paid traffic.

But, the traffic you get with a blog is search engine visits, it is traffic highly interested in the content you publish.

It is hot traffic, who are usually visiting your website, they are visitors who are willing to buy what you recommend.

Fourth strategy. Build a subscriber list.

Did you know that the vast majority of affiliates do not build their subscriber list.

The most incredible thing is that they sell and make money online.

However, this does not mean that they are doing it well, on the contrary, they are doing it terrible.

It is the most stupid way to be successful on the Internet, because, by not capturing their contact details, you are losing the opportunity to set up a profitable business over time.

A subscriber turned customer is money in the future.

This is not my idea, the most successful affiliates on the Internet say it.

When you build your own subscriber list, what you do is create an asset for which you do not have to work, and through the loyalty of your audience you manage to create trust and position yourself, as an authority.

Believe me, this is the right way to do affiliate marketing and build a business with 4 figures per month and more.

Also, if to date you have asked yourself: How to earn money promoting products online as an affiliate, whether they are tangible or physical?

The correct answer is through email marketing.

Affiliate marketing platforms.

There are many platforms to start making money with the affiliate marketing business modality.

Most of these affiliate platforms are found in the English market, but nowadays many have been added for the Latin world.

One of the best known and oldest is ClickBank.

On this page you will find many digital products to promote, most are in English, but there are also in other languages ​​including Spanish.

If you are going to start promoting Clickbank products , I suggest you do it for the Anglo market, since it sells a lot and these people are used to buying and also have more resources.

Jvzzo , this platform is also in the English language and has very good digital products such as courses, ebooks, and software. It is oriented to the Anglo world, but many of the tools can also be promoted in the Hispanic world.

amazon . Excellent if you want to start promoting tangible products such as clothing, electronics, mobile phones, etc.

Aliexpress , very similar to the previous one, but most of the products are of Chinese origin.

Hotmart , is a company-oriented and created for Latinos, here you will find many digital products in E-Book format and video courses.

This is a platform that you can get a lot out of if you dedicate yourself to learning and applying what they teach you.

With the latter I close the post. I hope you have read it and are already implementing some of the strategies that I recommend.

Leave me a comment, and if you think it could help you, share it with those who may need it.

It has been a great pleasure to be able to share this knowledge, take advantage of it.

See you soon online.

A hug and much success.

Nestor Beltran V.

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