CPA lead how it works Earn USD 30 per day strategy

CPA lead how it works

In this post I’m going to give you a cpa lead tutorial so you can learn how it works and also start generating at least $ 30 per day.

CPA lead how it works
CPA lead how it works

Before developing this mini tutorial so that you understand how this excellent Cpa lead network works, I would like to endorse why this network is for you.

Another article that may interest you ” How to make money without having to sell anything with CPA offers “

I’m going to give you 8 reasons why cpalead is the best Cpa network for a beginner who wants to earn their first dollars online with this form of affiliate marketing or lead marketing.

1. They do not put obstacles to you to register or apply. You do not have to give an interview, or justify that you are an expert.

2. Easy to use.

3. Lots of winning bids.

4. High-quality promotional tools.

5. Weekly payments, you can even request that they be made to you daily.

6. Minimum to request payment, 1 dollar. This is excellent since you have fresh money to spend on advertising.

7. It has the best landing pages I’ve seen and a wide range of niches.

8. You can work from your cell phone since the page is responsive for mobile phones.

Having said that, let’s now move on to the tutorial.

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Tutorial explained step by step how cpa lead works

One of the virtues of cpa marketing is not having to sell a product or service in order to generate a good and abundant sum of money.

However, not having to sell, or rather not making a transaction of a product for money.

It does not mean that this is easy and simple, cpa marketing is very technical and we could even say that it is scientific.

When I met this type of online business, several years ago, as I had no money.

I started promoting the offers with videos on YouTube.

For this purpose, do not spend a single penny on advertising, all the traffic was achieved, with very simple videos that I created with the animoto platform.

But, boy, did it work well, averaging between $ 6 and $ 8 a day with one channel, and about $ 3-4 with the other.

What I mean by this, that you could rather create a channel on YouTube and promote one of the CPA lead offers.

This strategy still works and will continue to work because the traffic it generates is of the best quality.

Because it is organic search engine traffic.

But now we are going with this guide.

The money is in the charts

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How to apply in CPA Lead. Quickly, easily and directly.

Registering on this page is very simple and you can do it with an email, or by linking a Facebook or Google account with one click.

I’m doing it from my phone so you can see that the page is responsive.

If you notice there is a black box, click there, and then register.

Affiliate marketing cpa

Then you must click on advertise.

Lead marketing

If you have a Facebook or Google account, you do this with one click.

what to sell to earn money

Once this is done, you are approved immediately.

All this process that is very easy and fast, you can do it from your computer or mobile phone.

Cpa lead a simple network ideal for beginners.

Let’s start to see how this excellent cpa lead affiliate network works.

There are several things you have to do, and one of them is to put your payment method, which will be where you will receive your commissions.

Once logged in, you must click or click on the menu on the left, then on acount and finally on settings or in Spanish settings.

Here are 3 things you must fill out, the tax form (online form w8), the online certificate of compliance, all your personal data and the payment method.

All this information you have to report so they can pay you.

Cpa Lead, it is very easy to use.

Just as it is quick and easy to apply to register on this network, which is not the case with other CPA companies.

It is also easy to use, especially with its niche offerings.

You just have to get the link and start promoting by applying strategies with free and paid traffic. We will delve a little deeper into this at another point.

Create a CPA LEAD account HERE

How to choose cpa Lead offers that convert

One of the virtues of CPA lead, is exactly as its name indicates, is that it is oriented to get leads.

For those who are new to CPA marketing, a lead is nothing more than a record.

You choose an offer, you copy the link that is personalized with your affiliate ID, you promote it.

Every time a person clicks and signs up with your link, the company pays you a commission.

As low as the commission payment the offer is giving you, for example, let’s say it’s a dollar.

If you do 20 daily registrations, you would be generating around 20 dollars per day, 600 per month.

Trust me, once you get down to business with this, you could generate hundreds of dollars a day promoting offers that pay you between $ 1 and $ 3 per lead.

For beginners, the modality that works best is promoting niche offers.

You are converting very well, you just have to find the right channel to promote them.

To find these offers you have to click on Browse pre-made pages.

In the following images you can see what I am talking about.

how digital marketing works with cpa lead

One of the characteristics that caught my attention is the quality, the beauty and the attractiveness of its niche pages.

Rest assured that if you promote these offers, you are sure to get conversions and leads.

Tools to promote

This Cpa network is very similar to Cpa Grip in terms of the promotional tools it has.

For example, we have: lokers, landing pages (niche offers), offer wall.


This is a very useful tool that allows you to block content before delivering what you are giving away.

For example, you could give away a file with wallpapers of the most famous and successful rock bands.

So what you do is block the link by showing you a survey and an offer that you have to fill out to access the gift file.

Obviously, every time a person fills in the offer, they pay you a commission.

This system tends to work very well with organic traffic, and one of the best sources is YouTube.

I am not going to delve into this, because I will be posting a strategy developed from scratch to show that it works.

Landing pages (niche offers)

If you are just starting out with this type of business, niche offers are for you.

This is not said by me, it is said by the cpa lead experts who know well how it works and how well they convert these offers.

However, this does not seem crazy for any reason.

Just look at the quality of their landing, how beautiful and well designed, it does not seem silly that people want to leave their data in exchange for what they give away.

As I planted it, in another article I will be giving you a strategy so that you can earn more money.

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Offer wall

This is another way to generate income by first taking the visitor to perform an action, once this action is performed, which of course is to fill out a registration form, it gives you access to the promised material, which could be an application to earn coins.

What is the postback tool for and how does it work with cpa lead?

As I mentioned before, affiliate marketing moves millions of dollars a year and is a great way to generate income online.

However, if you really want to be successful, you must work like a true scientist and for this you need to measure and obtain statistical data of what you are doing.

For example, suppose you are running a campaign of an offer where they give away discount coupons for Walmart stores, which are the owners of an international chain of supermarkets.

For this purpose we have decided to run the campaign with free traffic and paid traffic.

When considering the source of free traffic that you are going to use, you should take into account that some of them do not accept to directly promote cpa offers.

For example, Facebook can ban your account, but others like YouTube if they allow you to use a direct link.

Youtube, a source of quality free traffic

As we already know that free YouTube traffic converts very well, then we made the decision to create a channel on YouTube, it could be from recipes and healthy foods, which is a niche market of the health category, and add the link of affiliates in the video description

Making videos on this topic is not very complicated since you can search for articles on Google and you can transform them into videos using a presentation with good images and create useful content that can be used.

Ok, let’s continue with the example. We do the paid traffic campaign with published popunder

For this we can use the popad or popcash advertising network.

These networks are oriented for mobile phones.

Now comes the explanation of what postback is for.

Regardless of whether you are advertising paid or free, a professional marketer must measure how his campaign is performing in the chosen media.

The postback tool, what it does is collect the statistical data and send it to your tracking software.

With this data you will be able to know exactly where the conversions are coming from, which devices are converting, and finally, know if your offer is profitable or not.

With statistical data you can optimize, leave what works and eliminate what doesn’t.

Some of these known Traker Tracker software are, Prosper 202 and BeMob.

A couple of strategies to make money with free traffic.

The truth is that we do not get anything by filling ourselves with knowledge and being true marketing savants if we do not apply what we learn.

The how to make money with cpa offers will not put money in your pocket, so if you are going to do is implement what you’ve learned.

New strategy to generate at least $ 1,000 with free traffic.

How to earn extra money online with plr courses in video and free traffic

Strategy with Facebook

If you are going to use Facebook to promote these types of offers, keep reading because I am going to give you an excellent strategy.

Let’s say you want to generate income by promoting discount coupon offers.

The first thing you have to know is that you cannot use a direct link, because they will ban your account.

So what you can do is a document in Google drive and make a kind of report.

For example, you can put the ten best sites where you can get discount coupons.

Then, it is promoted by groups related to buying and selling of articles.

Strategy with LandingPage (niche offers) and with YouTube

Another strategy is to use LandigPage (niche offers).

You select an interesting one that is a trend and then you create a channel with the theme of offers.

You already have your channel, it’s time to start uploading content.

Believe it or not, creating videos is easier than it seems.

You can, for example, search for content in written article format and you transform it into a video with a power point presentation.

You put audio and music in the background and that’s it.

In between, you make calls to action to visit the video description and take the action that will allow you to generate a conversion and earn a commission.

This strategy is really effective and it turns out, you are not going to generate thousands of dollars per month but about 300 if possible.

You can create more channels and promote more offers and in this way obtain more profits.

Capture email and sell your products doing email marketing.

This is without a doubt one of the best methods to promote pay-per-lead, or pay-per-sale, cpa offers.

The idea is that instead of presenting the offer directly, you first go through an e-mail capture page, where you can give them something as a gift in exchange for leaving their data in a form

This strategy allows you to build a list of subscribers interested in the topic, and then through a good email marketing strategy , you present them with CPA offers or sell them affiliate products.

However, not everything is so simple, you have to know how to write and you will have to learn how to write an email to promote CPA offers or to sell products .

Monetize a blog with CPA offers

This is one of my favorites since a blog can be monetized in several ways at the same time.

You can generate passive income with Google Adsense, which does not prevent you from having a registration form to capture your visitor and then sell affiliate products to them.

If for some reason the above two ways don’t work, you can promote CPA affiliate offers and earn money from your niche blog , every time someone takes an action on your ads.

Well, I hope you like this guide and my recommendation is that you put into practice the 3 strategies that I teach you.

If you liked this content, others is asking you to be supportive and share it.

It is likely that there are many interested people who are going to benefit from this Information.

Leave a comment, which will always be very well received as long as it is not spam.

You can also sign up for my list and access more and better content that is exclusive to my community.

Without more to say.

A hug and much success.

Nestor Beltrán V.

Author of Blog and Money.

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