Email marketing is a very profitable and inexpensive strategy

How to Leverage Email Marketing for Your Business

entrepreneurs can use mass email sending, in order to connect directly, safely, and effectively with customers. This tactic is designed to share information of interest, promote sales or generate brand loyalty.

Email Automation Tools

Mass sending of emails is a digital marketing strategy that has proven to be very effective in establishing direct contact with potential clients. Among the most outstanding advantages is that it does not require a large investment, in addition to being very easy to use.

When you want to execute a successful email marketing strategy , the most important thing is to set goals and direct all the effort until they come true. There are several approaches to choosing the tactic that best serves to achieve the proposed goals.

The pillars of the strategy

There are three fundamental bases in the strategy of mass email marketing: the first refers to opening a channel of permanent contact with the target audience. Customers do not buy every day, but it is important that they are informed about offers and products so that when they are ready they choose the brand that they feel close to.

The second is the opportunity to use emails to overcome possible objections that customers allege, so as not to complete the purchase: to issue messages that respond to doubts until the decision to buy is made. 

The third refers to gaining trust. The interaction contributes to generating a degree of empathy with the brand until the products or services offered are a conscious and sensible decision.

Most digital marketing strategies are focused on passive communication, in which the client is expected at some point to go to the client’s website or social network. Email marketing is direct communication with the client at the time the company decides, it can be to notify offers, campaigns, or informative bulletins (newsletters).

An allied tool

The execution process does not have to be complicated, there are specialized platforms such as Mailrelay that facilitate the entire process of sending mass emails, with the added value of being a free tool. 

Mailrelay allows you to send up to 75 thousand messages per month for free, as well as manage a list of 15 thousand contacts. It also makes it easy to create newsletters or segment a personalized list according to the characteristics of the contacts, among other services. 

This platform offers templates written to help those who are short on time or require support to start using their email marketing strategy. The platform provides an intuitive newsletter editor service that allows you to avoid mistakes and save time. 

It facilitates the sending of visually pleasing newsletters that contain the information that you want to issue, you only need to prepare the newsletter and manage the contact list.

Mailrelay is distinguished from the rest of the platforms dedicated to mass email sending because it has its own algorithms and IP, this translates into greater success when it comes to delivering emails because they do not fall into the spam folder. The process is done without restrictions on the volume of daily shipping, without attaching advertising in the emails. 

What makes this tool more advantageous is the fact that it can be tested without the need to invest, and if it meets what is desired, you have the option of being able to choose between its payment plans, it is a win-win alternative.

The benefits according to the type of campaign

The most frequent campaigns used by means of mass mailing are mass mailing intended to send messages to promote sales, the newsletter (means of sharing news, launching articles and news), automatic sending of new content publications on the blog, and A / B test to assess alternatives in order to improve the user experience.

Among the benefits that email marketing provides, is the fact that it is an economical strategy, as well as profitable, allowing it to be easy to recover the amount of the investment. There is a guarantee of privacy between the communication between the company and the client, as well as it is a direct form of communication. 

The campaigns can be directed to detect possible objections to the process of finalizing the purchase, which can be time, price, suitability, and understanding. The messages should be aimed at responding, for example, in terms of time and ease of shopping online. 

The messages can serve to show that the product will be useful, by answering possible doubts that allow the customer to understand what the product or service is for, or by knowing the benefit that the fact of acquiring or hiring it will generate. 

Other campaigns can be aimed at moving emotions, that is, pointing out not only practical aspects but also those that have to do with the favorable feelings with its use, in relation to how the person will feel when having the product.

A quick process

Preparing to send mass emails does not involve spending a lot of time. Between the choice of material and the writing it can take about 10 minutes, but it can bring many benefits. The most advisable thing is to send a weekly message, the idea is not to saturate the client, it is enough to remind them that the brand is there and what it offers, for that the idea of ​​the newsletter fits perfectly.

The messages can refer to responding to objections, informing about the benefits of the product, its suitability, and the different aspects so that the message cycle can be up to six weeks and then repeat. 

The success of the campaign can be evaluated and studied to adjust it, depending on the results that are obtained. A great advantage of the tools with Mailrelay is that it has technical advice to help in the process in order to make the campaigns more successful. 

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