How To Acquire A Wealth Mindset

How To Acquire A Wealth Mindset

Many say they want to be rich. However, not everyone reaches true economic wealth , or Financial Freedom.

Although many say that they truly want abundance, those who want wealth are unconsciously rejecting it all the time and this is mainly because we have mental programming that prevents us from thinking of money as a good thing.

“Money is the root of all evil”, “There are so poor people in the world that all they have is money”, “Whoever invented money destroyed freedom”, “What has a price, has little value”,

«How low we have fallen, thinking that we need money to achieve happiness, since the only thing that is needed is hope»,

«It is not the richest who has the most, but the one who knows how to need the least»,

«People say that they have everything when there is money, but they lack the most important …

the love of others “,” Money, the desire of the poor and the waste of the rich.

Iufff… I can’t write any more of those things. 

But what I want us to analyze from all these silly phrases is the hatred they print on money for no apparent reason. 

Why should money be related to freedom? Or happiness? Or the affection of others?

This way of thinking is really a paradigm, it is a virus that has infected us all and that is why we continue to be poor.

Although money is something material, having it is a matter of attitude, mentality and life prospects. If you do not have money to spare, it is because of how you act in your life, if you have it, too. 

It all depends on your mindset.

If you are reading this, I suppose that in a matter of money you do not have much slack to say, and it is good that you start looking for a way to change that, that friend of mine is the first step 🙂

Money, which used to be gold, and much more before was a model of exchanges or bartering, is nothing more than the representation in numbers of our purchasing power. Money is like a hammer, with a hammer you can build things, repair a piece of furniture, nail a nail and put a nice painting … etc. 

With a hammer you can also break someone’s head and even kill them.

Money is a tool .

 It does not have to be the root of all evil, it does not have to be that which takes us away from happiness, affection, or freedom.


 When people do not know how to handle the money they have, it is easy that even if they manage to earn a good amount, it ends up disappearing from their hands without realizing how.

But it is not the only money that goes away, it is the person himself who makes it go,

money is not good or bad in its essence, it is simply a tool, which helps us to achieve many things that we will achieve with love, neither with understanding nor with great efforts. 

And in fact, it is a very intelligent way, to bring to us what was previously impossible.

Money is not running out

Have you ever wondered where the money is going?

 It is impossible for money to run out, new money is printed every so often, there are much more than 46 trillion dollars of money around the world.

Are you one of those who still believe that money is running out? Of course not, what happens is that it is changing hands. AND IT’S NOT THAT IT IS BADLY DISTRIBUTED . 

If you don’t have money that’s where you say it’s badly distributed, but when you have it, you don’t even remember that negative phrase.

Why is it not badly distributed? Because it is increasingly in the hands of those who know how to handle this tool. We always attract to ourselves what we are tuned into, what we can control and effectively make part of our lives.

It is not badly distributed, simply because if you do not have money, it is because:

  1. You have not known how to attract it to your life
  2. You have not known how to keep it with you

So a good way to start acquiring a Wealth Mentality is to stop listening to and believing in those phrases about money that the only thing they generate is hatred of money, because of how bad it is. 

And stop thinking that it is badly distributed, simply because now you do not have it. Do you think the rich think that money is badly distributed? Of course not, then the most likely thing is that you are wrong.

Your Mindset About Money

Although, mindset is not all that is needed to get money, it is perhaps the most essential part of achieving wealth.

And I can almost certainly hit it off, saying that at some point in your life you’ve considered money a bad thing, and you’ve said things like,

“Well, money isn’t everything in this life.” Of course, money is not everything, but it is one thing that it is not everything, and another thing is that we reject it completely because it is not everything.

If you think that money deprives you of your freedom, takes away the love of others, and does not let you live happiness, what do you think will happen when you want to achieve it?

Two things can happen if you currently have this mindset:

  1. That you spend a lot of time trying to get money, but it is seemingly impossible
  2. That you manage to get it easily (or not) but finally it comes back and goes faster than it arrived

Think about it very well, if you really believe that money takes you away from happiness, you will unconsciously do everything possible to get away from it, whatever it may be, you will have to be happy in life, and if money is going to take you away (according to you) from happiness happiness, you are going to stay away from money.

Many people are surprised at how many significant changes they make in their lives simply by changing their mindset regarding money.

I know cases of people who have managed to go from being poor to being people with great skills for handling money, simply by having discovered the negativism that they carried inside and the resentment against money, resentment that is finally unfounded and that never we really know why we have.

Do you know a truly wealthy person? But I’m not talking about getting to know her on the Internet or on television, I’m talking about getting to know her personally.

It is quite possible that your answer is No . Think about it, the vast majority of things that are talked about about rich people (bad things, usually) are said by people who do not have much money.

It’s like when boys speak ill of girls. But they don’t know what it’s like to be a girl.

Now, if you got to know a truly wealthy person, you might be surprised. Although it is very true that today there are people who have made money thanks to their illegal behavior, their dark businesses and stealing from other people and passing over many; this is not the rule. Coincidentally, it is the exception.

When one analyzes the behavior of rich people, and I speak of the truly rich, not of those who have achieved wealth by stealing or passing over anyone, one realizes that these people are more generous than anyone else. Many are philanthropists and have foundations for poor or sick children, many have dedicated much of the wealth they have accumulated to donate it entirely to people in need.

And are you going to tell me that money is not a good thing? Examples of philanthropists in the world there are thousands, I do not think I have to name a few here, because I suppose you will already know many cases, such as that of Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, who has donated more than 27 billion dollars to through his foundation The Bill And Melissa Gates Foundation .

In natural disasters, a large amount of money in the form of donations is used to help the victims, who enjoy financial freedom, many times use their money to help others, those who are multilevel get rich by making others rich, and in general, the format of acquiring wealth has much more good and benevolent than bad.

The problem

The problem is that somehow they have managed to get into our heads the idea that one should not get money. They have even confused ambition with greed and avarice !!!

There is nothing wrong with ambition, while greed and avarice do. It can be treated as ambition, the desire to achieve something big, in such a way that as human beings, we can set ambitious goals, referring to the fact of wanting to exceed expectations. Ambition is the desire to excel and go much further. It provides the motivation and determination necessary to achieve objectives and goals in life. Ambition is often confused with greed, whereby a greedy person could harm himself or others to get what he wants. Ambition, in contrast, has to do with the desire to be better, and even sometimes to help others.

Have you heard of ambitious projects? There are them everywhere, and many of these projects are of a social nature.

We are continually bombarded regarding money by all means. Our friends speak ill of money to us, from childhood we see children speak ill of money, they teach us at home (and not only by direct learning, but by the examples our parents give us) that money is a disgrace, that there is never enough money, that money is running out and that we should not get money because this will not make us happy.

That there are people with a lot of money who are unhappy. Do you know any?… I don’t. All the wealthy people I know are people who have achieved great potential and Personal Development, and usually people of success, challenges and constant goals, who like to achieve what they want. How can one be unhappy achieving what he wants?

Many of them travel around the world and visit spectacular places that those who say that money is bad will never know. And it is not resentment, it is a simple comparison that makes all those ideas of money that the poor have ironic, which is curiously what makes them poor.

Many also don’t think that wanting “Just enough” is also limiting. When you only want enough, you will have, and many times due to the Law of Compensation, you will have a little less, and so you will spend from month to month trying to get just enough, but never succeeding.

We are in a world of abundance, we are on a planet where there is everything for everyone. We can all have abundance, the problem remains that we do not want it . Even for believers, the bible says that God wants us to be abundant, and if money is a means to create abundance, I don’t see why getting it is a bad thing, as long as the methods we use for that purpose are clean, legal, not step over others, and do not hurt anyone on the way.

The solution

The solution to this mental plague of poverty that floods us every day is as simple as it is powerful.

You may even think that something so simple cannot really work, but today I will ask you to make a leap of faith and believe that it is. For the rest, you can start to apply what I say to you, what could you lose?

It’s all about starting to think differently about money, starting to see it as a good thing, and in fact it is. Everything consists of rejecting those stupid ideas and with great negative energies regarding money, which all they do is achieve the objective for which they were created: to make us believe that we should be poor.

Think about it once more, Are you going to spend the rest of your life without being able to achieve your maximum potential? Do you want to grow old without having gotten money to make your dreams come true? Do you want to regret at the end of your life for not have made an effort to go much further?

Although getting money is only the first step, becoming a skilled person to handle it, attract it and keep it flowing can guarantee you great support for everything you propose in life. Your resolutions are easier to achieve if you have money, helping others is easier with money, sleeping peacefully is easier, if you don’t have to worry about how you can pay your debts and make ends meet.

Focus on attracting abundance, if you still repudiate money, and start reading books that allow you to change that mindset. Money is not filthy or dirty, money is simply money, a tool that will allow you to do bad things and good things. But it is up to you .

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