How to buy cheaper and good hosting without fear.


In this post, I am going to recommend the best 3 cheapest, and best hosting in the web market so that you can start creating your WordPress blog today , whatever the reason you want to do it.


What is a hosting and what is it for?

Hosting, which in Spanish means web hosting, is a service that allows users to store information in text, images and videos.

For you to be able to have this hosting active and in this way to be able to save, access or publish information, it is necessary that this web hosting be associated with a domain.

For example, which is the domain of my blog, is hosted on a hosting and that is why you can access the blog and publish all kinds of information that is related to the niche of this blog.

Having a blog gives a lot of satisfaction when you do what you are passionate about. If you like to write and you want to start generating income with what you like the most, then you have made the right decision, and best of all, you will be able to start a business investing per month, less than a ticket to the cinema costs you .

That is why I have encouraged myself to make this review to show you 3 companies that offer the best, good and cheapest hosting and of unbeatable quality.

You have no excuses not to start, because I am going to explain everything so that you can start earning your first dollars in a very short time.

Aspects that you should consider to choose the best quality cheap hostig

The qualities and aspects to take into account to choose the best hosting to install your WordPress blog are the following.

  1. Good storage capacity.
  2. One click WordPress installer.
  3. That your blog does not fall and is always online.
  4. Good 24/7 support, and quick response.
  5. Don’t be overly expensive.

Having said this, we will go on to review the hosting that I promised you.

The 3 hosting companies that have the cheapest cheap and good hosting plans with unlimited scope and excellent quality.

The truth is that the offer on the Internet is quite large in the companies that provide the web hosting service, but not all of them offer you a cheap and good hosting plan. That is why before suggesting these 3 companies, I advised myself by researching what the most experienced bloggers and SEOS used on the Internet.

As investigated, these 3 companies offer you cheap and excellent quality hosting service.

BlueHost . The reviews that I consulted gave me the peace of mind that you could recommend this company, not only because of the quality of the people who recommend it, but also because of what they offer their plans and because of the cheapness and quality of their service.

Based on the research, we can say that BlueHost is one of the best cheap hosting.

However, their plans show some limitations, but it is and will continue to be a very good option when deciding and choosing.

SeRed . This excellent hosting was suggested to me by a seo expert in positioning a niche web and at this moment he has a blog on the first page and first position, if you want to verify, you can search the web by writing “exotic birds”, even if you do not believe it, it is positioned on the first page and in first position for the keyword (exotic birds), which in turn is the domain of your website.

If I had to choose there were no other options, without a doubt I would choose it for all the benefits it provides.

Without a doubt, Seres meets the characteristic of being one of the cheapest and quality Hosting in the web hosting market.

BanaHost . Very good company, with cheap and high quality hosting plans. This is a great option, because it allows you to pay monthly and the prices remain as agreed.

Another important factor to take into account is its technical support in Spanish, and of course the professional plan that costs 6.95 per month, allows you to host the websites you want without limits.

This plan is great for someone who generates income with a specific niche blog, because you can create as many websites as you want.

The 3 best cheapest hosting for WordPress

We will start with the web hosting company BlueHosting.

As you can see in the image, this accommodation meets the quality standards that we are looking for.

On the web there is a lot of information that supports this company as high quality.

As for price per month, it is really very convenient since a good blog can generate a lot of money if you implement it and configure it as I teach you in this blog.

When hiring the accommodation with the company, the domain is free.

It is also important to note that the procedure to install your WordPress with a paid domain is very simple.

There is only one but, is that in order for you to access these discounted prices, you have to pay annually, if you want a monthly payment, the price goes up.

Below I attach an image with the information of the basic plan. In general, I do not recommend this option as it is somewhat limiting for the simple reason that it only allows you to host a single domain, which means that you can have only one blog.

If you want to create another website, you will have to pay a separate fee for that blog.

image 1
This is the most basic plan, the bad thing is that it allows you to host only one domain

For me, the best plan offered by this hosting company is the “Choice Pluss”.

For 5.45 per month, it is almost a gift since you will be able to create multiple blogs and build a battery of passive income sources.

As you can see, this plan allows you unlimited websites and host unlimited domains.

Other benefits are:

Spam experts.

Domain privacy more protection.

And finally, backup.

Sered. This is another cheap and high quality hosting alternative.

Go there are good alternatives to get web hosting and Sered is an excellent option.

Whenever I am going to hire a service, what I do is research on the internet and then make a decision based on quality, benefits and price.

When these 3 variables fall into the good category, I proceed to buy.

In the following image you can see why Sered is an excellent option.

best cheap hosting for wordpress
This web hosting company offers good value for money for its service.

This company has its good things and others not so much, but what I am sure of is the quality of its service.

Like all of them, it has basic plans and more complete plans and that is what I am going to refer to.

Basic plan of hosting Sered.

Basic plan Sered
While it is true the service is quality, the downside is that the basic plan only allows you a single domain.

If you are only going to develop a blog, this is your plan. You do not need more, however, when we start to work developing sources of passive income, the tendency is to continue creating websites or blogs.

This does not happen because we do it for sport, but rather, we are becoming experts in positioning niche blogs and the grace is that each unit produces passive income and thus we are building a monthly income that finally allows us to live off the internet.

If you are going to dedicate yourself to creating multiple sources of income, then the middle plan is for you.

Sered medium plan
This plan is much better than the basic one, because for a little more money, it allows you to host 5 domains.

Although it is true, this plan is better than the basic plan, however it has the limitation that you can only host 5 domains.

In general, we always seek to get the most out of our monetary resources, and if you have already read enough, you will realize that BlueHost, allows you unlimited domains, this makes the offer of this company comparatively better.

Finally we have the company BanaHosting.

This is an excellent option for hosting your domain and creating a WordPress blog.

In the following image you will realize that the prices are very convenient and you can also pay monthly.

My recommendation is that if you choose this company, you opt for the Professional Bana.

This plan allows you to host multiple domains, a special alternative for a person who wants to adopt Blogging as a profession, or a business that allows you to generate enough income to live 100% on the Internet.

There are more cheap and quality hosting alternatives, I focus on these 3 because they are the ones used by the experts.

Learning the art of making money with blogs is the beginning of a very broad career, with many more nuances and opportunities and strategies that can be applied to make the Internet a way of living the life you want.


The truth is that I cannot recommend one or the other company, because they are all excellent and meet the parameters we are looking for.

You can now make a decision having at hand the information that I have given you to about 3 excellent companies that offer the cheapest hosting services and with some unlimited plans at a truly ridiculous cost

You should always keep in mind that they are of high quality, have good support and most importantly, that it is cheap.

I leave the three links for you to enter, review for yourself and decide.

I am sure that this information is already in a position to be able to make the correct choice of the best cheap hosting for your project on the Internet.

Without more to say or contribute, I can only encourage you to take action and start this entertaining adventure of starting to develop your first blog, on the topic you want, because all of them can be monetized.

I suggest you read the previous articles, where I explain everything you need to learn to choose niches or topics to develop and see which ones can generate the most money, either by selling info products or with Google Adsense advertising.

If you liked this article, share the content with your favorite social networks and don’t forget to leave a comment or suggestion.

A hug and much success.

Nestor Beltrán.

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