How to choose a perfect domain for your website or blog


Choosing a domain that represents exactly what your blog is about is something that we must take into account when creating your website and without a doubt it is one of the most important step because it will define the line of your project.


How to choose a suitable domain name for your blog or website

A domain has 2 important parts: the domain name and the extension.

There is more than many can tell you that if the domain should be easy to remember, it should be long or short. The truth is that it has some importance when it comes to positioning, the truth is that it is not, since SEO is not an exact science and many times it is necessary to make decisions, depending on what you want to achieve.

The big problem with people is that they want guaranteed recipes that will work, and that in seo does not exist since Google is constantly changing its algorithm and it is for this reason that the best seo is the one that is done without tricks.

What I want to tell you is that there is no definitive formula and you will be able to achieve the same or better results, taking different paths or ways of applying knowledge and experience.

Examples of domains for your blog.

It is worth saying for example: where the domain name is blogydinero and the extension is .com.

If we analyze the domain of my website, my intention is to position a brand, which is composed of two keywords that are blog, money.

The domain probably won’t push a lot of traffic initially, but it’s easy to remember and could eventually rank for the keyword “money” and all the possible variants and long-tail words related to this word, forgive the redundancy.

On the other hand, this domain allows me to develop many sub-niches related to the word money and organize each one of them in a pyramidal architecture where each sub-niche is treated using the vertical seo strategy.

I explain myself in a simpler way. Using this architecture I can have a website that develops many topics, but each one of them specializes in depth in each sub-niche and that Google loves and most likely your blog will be driven to the top positions.

Another example: if your business is local and in Chile, the most logical thing is for the domain extension to be .cl. Now if you have an online store that sells products from China using the dropshiping mode, the most logical thing is that your extension is global, a .com, .org, .info, .net. .site, etc.

Here you can find very cheap and global domains :   ( bluehost , banahost )  

Today there are many extensions that you can use and you can even make it part of your SEO.

There is no recipe to make a correct choice of our domain, what is more, there could be many ways that could lead us to the same or perhaps better result.

But let’s get to the point at hand.

The choice of our domain will depend on what you want to achieve with your blog and therefore you should take these into account:

3 options when choosing your domain name.

This is where the use of SEO in choosing the domain begins to make sense.

Seo keyword.

Local SEO.

Seo brand.

For example, we can create a domain with just the keyword, or it can be keyword + local seo or brand seo. You can use a combination of them or just two.

The important thing is that your domain makes some sense and helps you position your blog effectively.

An example of keyword + local seo + brand seo.

Suppose we have a barber shop called Santiago, then we would have the brand called barbería Santiago and that in turn is located in the city of Santiago.

The domain would be barberí or .cl.

When we want to position ourselves with a special niche to generate income with affiliate products, the ideal is to search for a keyword that has a lot of searches, but low organic competition and use it as the domain of your blog.

However, in this we must understand that the fact that it has many searches does not mean that it is the most suitable word.

For example

Now suppose you want to position your personal brand and you are a veterinarian who owns a veterinary clinic.

Then the most appropriate thing is to have a domain with the name of the clinic or the name of the veterinarian.

With this you are telling Google what exactly your blog is about and it gives you a little bit in the positioning of your website.

Once we have the domain, the next step is to choose a hosting where to host your domain and to install your WordPress blog.

To simplify this task I have created an article where I recommend 3 of the best cheapest Hosting , where you will find the best plans to start creating your web pages

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I assure you that you will learn everything you need to make money with a blog and other ways to generate income from your home.

In the next post I will recommend where to buy your domain and your hosting so that it is almost free and it is not a lie.

Comment that you did not understand or that you would like to learn about this strategy to help you.

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