How to create a blog with WordPress in 3 steps.


It is a promise in this post I am going to reveal you how to create a blog to build a passive income that generates at least between 700 and a thousand dollars per month.

blog with WordPress in 3 steps
How to create a blog with wordpress in 3 steps

Guaranteed, I’m going to teach you the right way to create a blog with wordpress so that you can start making hard cash, this is not a demagogue promise, this is a commitment sealed with my word which is that of a gentleman of the web .

No friend, I am not kidding, in this post you will learn everything you need to start this project with the right foot, well if you don’t like the right foot, then do it with the left, but do it now and do not stay alone in the good intentions, that victory belongs to the brave.

Another important aspect is that this guide that I am going to divide into several entries touching the different topics that are related, I made it thinking about how to teach how to work with a WordPress blog for newbies.

However, this does not mean that your blog will look like a person who does not know what he is doing. No my friend that is not so, because the idea is that your blog looks and seems professional.

For this reason, this guide will teach you how to make a professional blog, so that from the beginning it is well structured so that traffic is rooted and you begin to create a consolidated business.

When we talk about starting to make money with a blog, we necessarily have to spend some time defining the niche with which we are going to work.

Another important variable is knowing in advance how we want to monetize our blog and for this we have several alternatives. The choice of one of them or two or more will depend on the niche that we are going to choose.

How to make a blog that allows me to build a profitable business over time.

This is a detail that most people leave to chance, but it is extremely important to know what you want to achieve with your blog when it comes to generating income.

Surely you have heard many gurus say, if you have a passion, then work on it and sell your knowledge.

To a certain extent it is true, however if your passion does not have a target audience, it is most likely that you will not generate income.

To a certain extent, this guide is conceived for entrepreneurial marketers, who are looking for ways to generate money regardless of the subject, but rather taking as a decision criterion, the benefit they are going to obtain.

If this is not your case, this information also helps you, because it is technically applicable for any business.

Now more than looking for products to sell on your website, you should ask yourself the following question, do you want to create a blog in wordpress that generates passive income or do you want to dedicate yourself to selling your own or affiliate products.

If what you are looking for is to generate passive income, then you should look for a topic that can be monetized with Adsense ads or any other means that allows you to generate passive income (passive income is those that are generated without the need for you to intervene, a An example is Adsense ads. You paste the code on your website and every time someone clicks on your blog ad, Google pays you.)

To monetize with Adsense, we must focus on looking for specific niches or micro niches that have a lot of monthly searches, that have high pay-per-clicks.

The other option is to sell your own products or your services and finally the alternative that I like the most is to develop affiliate marketing.

This option is for me one of the best because it allows you to develop blogs of different niches and sell info products related to the niche.

This alternative is much more technical and advanced since you have to implement different intertwined marketing strategies to be able to sell, but all this is learned and then you can enjoy an 80% automated business that generates sales on automatic pilot.

Depending on your decision, it will be the basis for targeting your target audience, and this is not a minor issue since if you fine-tune your targeting, you will be able to reach that audience that likes what you write.

How can I find out who my target audience is?

It is very simple and we will see it with a practical example.

Suppose you make a website in the music niche but in the Reggaeton micro niche.

So your ideal audience are young teenagers between the ages of 14 and 30, who like video games, fantastic movies, wear clothes from current brands, like Daddi Yankee, Osuna, Maluma etc., they like rap, etc. .

Another way to find out is by asking these questions: how old are you, if you are a man or a woman, what are your tastes, what are your hobbies, if you study, if you work, are you married, have children, in which country you live, what does Lee, what movies watch, etc.

With these questions you can evaluate any niche with respect to its ideal client.

Another important point to evaluate is pain points.

For this it will be easier if you ask yourself these questions.

What worries you, what problems do you have, what are your obstacles, how do you want to feel, what are your motivations, etc.?

If you can determine well all these aspects of the profile of your ideal client, then you will be able to create an exact map for the creation of content of that niche.

If you apply this methodology, you will be able to create content optimized for your audience and you will have a hungry audience, which will always consume your content.

How we can define exactly what a niche, topic or category is.

For example, we can say that health is a niche, but it is also a topic and a category, therefore these words are synonymous and any of them you choose will help you make a good classification.

I feel much more comfortable talking about niches and for this purpose we will use this way to classify.

A market niche is a specific segment of a broader universe of topics that you choose to identify the topic that your blog is going to cover and, accordingly, publish quality and interesting content for your audience.

Now the niche may be so wide that it has varied content without delving into any of it. For example, if we chose the topic of animals, we would have a very wide niche where we could talk about all the fauna on earth, including terrestrial animals, aquatic animals and birds.

Now the big problem would be, that we specialize little in a specific subject, and that can be counterproductive when it comes to wanting to monetize it.

That is why it is recommended that blogs focus on specific niches to reach an audience genuinely interested in the topic.

But for example if we refer to dogs, we would already be being much more specific. Is this good or bad? It is excellent, since we would be having an absolutely vertical blog, in a web world where there is a lot of competition, speaking of everything a bit, Google rewards those that are absolutely specific and address all the issues that concern dogs.

Now if you make an even more limited website that only talks about Labradors, this is what Google likes and it will surely position you on the first page if you talk about everything that concerns Labrador retrievers,

For example, diseases, care, training, colors, character, size, and so on.

This type of web is called vertical. The one that deals with many topics in general is called a horizontal type web.

The best niches to create a website with WordPress step by step.

Now you must be very clear that there are three market niches on the Internet that are the ones that move the most money and my recommendation of whether you are going to start with a blog aimed at making money with affiliate marketing, point to the niches of health, money and love.

Now if your desire is to try other niches such as pets, beauty, cooking, sports, fishing, etc., then the best monetization option could be cpa marketing or generate income with Google Adsense.

This does not have to be strictly rigid, because a sports blog that is very well positioned, could rather sell digital products that help people learn how to play that sport. An example could be Golf, or selling sportswear or sports items using the Amazon affiliate platform.

But let us now turn to a practical example, and for this we will take as an example the animal niche and the sub-niche, exotic animals.

This is a good sub-niche to start working with, but it is still very broad, since all these micro-niches enter and if we wanted to make a blog with this word, we would have to include all these words as categories and it would be a difficult blog to position in the medium term.

The best alternative is to study each of these micro-niches and develop one that allows us to passively monetize with affiliate products.

1 The Gecko

2 Vietnamese pigs

3 Clown Fish

4 Ants

5 Wallabies

6 Sika

7 Cuy Moro

8 Iguanas

All these keywords have many monthly searches and of course they will be the topics with which you will create each blog.

Another very important concept to be successful with your blog is that the web is very vertical and that it specifically speaks of a special niche.

For example, the iguana has 18,100 monthly searches and also has a lot of related keywords with which you can write a very complete article semantically.

Now what you have to be clear about is that with this website what is best for you is to monetize with Google adsense, you could also promote some Amazon articles in the post where you write about exotic pets such as Iguanas or others.

Now if you want to dedicate yourself to selling affiliate products, then I recommend that you look at the health, money and love niches, which are the ones that could generate the most money for you.

That said, now we will see what are the steps to create a good blog.

Step 1. Make a list of at least 5 themes to create a website with wordpress.

This is really important since we need to be clear about the micro niche with which we are going to create a professional blog with wordpress

As I explained before, there are many niches or categories where you can find these topics, however knowing where to find ideas is what people ignore.

But don’t worry, I’m going to give you a list where you will have hundreds of good niches at your disposal to make your first listing.

  1. Amazon. On this site you can find a lot of information if your intention is to create a blog to sell physical affiliate products.
  2. ClickBank. This is another excellent site that will help you find information, it is similar to the previous one, with the difference that the affiliate products are ebook, software, courses. If you want to develop a topic that is between the health, money and love niches, here you can find all the information you need to make a good decision.

We will see this topic in more detail in a post where I will explain the secrets of affiliate marketing and how to take advantage of it to build highly profitable businesses that leave you passive income, month after month.

  • Google trends. This page that belongs to Google is excellent to search and validate niches since you can find the topics that are in trend and another functionality is to verify if a niche that you have found is in an upward or downward trend, of course if it is in decline. , you do not want to make a blog.

Step 2. Investigate the viability of these micro niches or themes.

To quantify and weigh each of the topics we choose, it is necessary to do it scientifically and not get carried away by it: it seems to me that this niche could work, or I have a hunch that this is a good topic to develop.

Dear friend, if you want to create the best blog with wordpress, the correct way is to submit each of the topics to a very simple, but very effective analysis that will give you the key to start your project with a% success that will not make you lose time.

The variables that you should investigate are: Trend, number of monthly searches, organic competition, verticality of the topic and if you are going to monetize with Google adsence, the cost per click of the search keywords.

If you are going to monetize with affiliate products, check if there are products for that niche that you can recommend on your blog.

Once you have all the data for each niche or micro niche, put it in the order of the best to the worst evaluated, and choose between the first 3 that are best evaluated.

In this step it is essential to balance your tastes versus the best topic.

If your personal taste coincides with the best evaluated topic then we could say that you are going to work with what you like the most and that is a plus to be successful.

But it could also be one of those people who only get mentalized with making money and are not uncomfortable working on one issue or another, they only see it from a lucrative point of view.

If you are one of these people, my recommendation is that you always work with the best evaluated niches. After all, what we are looking for is to start generating passive income and creating multiple sources of income.

The tools that you will use to do this research are:

Google trends, which allows you to see if your niche is a topic that is growing over time, remains constant or is down, of course, if it is down it would be illogical for us to develop it.

Google keyword planner. This tool is one of the most important since it allows you to know the volume of monthly searches of your main keyword that would become the domain of your blog.

This tool not only gives you the monthly search volume for the main keyword, it also shows you cost per click.

It also gives you a list of those words that are related to the topic, this is useful, since you can use this keyword to write your content and start bringing quality organic traffic.

Step 3. Create a blog with wordpress

We already have the topic, niche, or micro niche and the main word that we want to use in the domain of our blog.

In other words, we have already completed the 3 essential steps to start creating a blog in wordpress, so get to work because this is not free, or you pay with money and if you don’t have it, it’s with personal work.

Before buying your domain it is important that you consult this post that I wrote explaining exactly 

how to choose the perfect domain for your blog or website

Now we have to buy a domain  ( bluehost , banahost )  and hire a hosting

Once we have bought our domain and hosting, we have to configure the whole system to create your first blog with wordpress

But do not worry because I will explain this in detail in the next post.

Many people do not read the complete post, because it makes them lazy, but the important thing about consuming all this is that it prepares you to understand what things are important and what is not.

My dear friends, I hope this content has been of great use to you and from now on I invite you to share this material with your friends, remember that I am asking you to help me help.

In this selfish world that only seeks your satisfaction and personal growth, let us make a difference by being more generous with others.

Who knows, that the next person who reads this content becomes a success story.

You would not be happy to know that by sharing, you have helped a person to be fuller and happier.

I also ask you to leave me a comment if you need me to explain or teach the specific one or to tell me if you liked this content or not.

From already a hug.

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