How to earn money online the best strategy.

earn money online the best strategy

My commitment is to teach you how to make money with a blog, also, to give you all the knowledge regarding technical strategies and ways to generate passive and residual income 100% online, in this promise there is no fine print, I will give everything for everything so you can create your first business on the web.

But before continuing with this topic I would like to give you a brushstroke, a flight of birds of everything that you will find in this blog.

Not to brag but rather to be absolutely humble, because my intention is that this blog is a tool for you to achieve your first dollars online and help you achieve specific goals.

What you will find in this blog.

  1. A complete updated guide so you can start a blog from scratch, position it and attract quality organic traffic.
  2. SEO techniques, search engine optimization, a very important topic if you want to generate traffic and monetize it.
  3. You will learn to write optimized articles to publish on your blog.
  4. Everything concerning generating free traffic through social networks, especially YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  5. Everything concerning the subject of digital marketing.
  6. Affiliate Marketing.
  7. Creation of reports and digital books.
  8. Building subscriber lists and email marketing (email marketing)
  9. Marketing CPA, strategies and techniques to make money without selling anything.
  10. Neuro marketing.
  11. Strategies with paid traffic, facebook Ads and Google adword.
  12. Web Analytics.
  13. Google analytics.
  14. Copy writter.
  15. SEO keyword tools management.

I know that you have your own needs, particular and different from what I may have. You have tastes and priorities that are in accordance with your day to day, and this makes life have so many nuances, for example some like music, others design, fashion, digital games, art, literature , sports, others need their financial independence, because they can no longer give the job they have, and so on.

And it is for this reason that I have created this fantastic and mega smart blog.

Well, I think I’m exaggerating, but what if I am clear that one of the needs that we all have in common is to earn money.

And that’s what this page is for, to teach you how you can start generating income with a blog or without a blog, or with what you like to do the most.

However, the important thing is that you take action, but do not get too excited, there is a lot to work and learn and we will begin by understanding that not all niches can make you money, to avoid failure it is necessary to investigate before executing.

Nestor: Could you tell me exactly what your madness is about.

Of course, here you will learn everything related to a blog to make money and how to make money on the Internet, because it is about learning and why limit, if there are so many good ideas to make money including those that are not 100% online.

Now I explain what all this stuff is about.

Everything you are going to learn about how to make money with a blog and make money online

In this blog, I am going to teach you to verify if your passion can be monetized or not, so that you can generate extra income either with your blog or any other method, for this you will learn to do a basic study of keywords at use in your domain.

You are going to learn how to install your wordpress blog in a very simple way.

But first I’m going to teach you how to buy a very cheap domain and hire quality hosting  ( bluehost , banahost ) for less than a meal at a McDonald’s.

You would like to learn everything you need to create a blog with WordPress to start a serious business and 100% online that generates passive income every day, months and years.

Then you will learn how to configure your entire blog in order to optimize it effectively

You will also learn to create your home page and design a powerful architecture so that your blog will be friends with Google and position you as high as possible.

Once we have all this put together, I’m going to show you how to write high-quality content to attract maximum traffic to your blog.

Creating quality content for your target audience
Creating quality content for your target audience is your main task and optimizing it without over-optimizingCreating quality content for your target audience

You are going to learn SEO to boost your articles and get a lot of visibility.

This is supremely powerful, because all the traffic that you obtain thanks to correctly applying seo techniques will be of the highest quality and best of all free and perpetual since you will not have to do anything to obtain highly interested visits in your content. .

You will also learn to monetize your website with different strategies depending on the theme you develop.

You will learn how to generate income with Affiliate Marketing.

This section is the one I like the most since the possibilities to generate income have no limits.

In this section we will see Affiliate Marketing and Cpa Marketing.

I will teach you how to generate organic traffic and strategies with social networks using Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

You will learn how to build marketing funnels using an auto responder.

This strategy is tremendously powerful and is what Internet experts use to generate thousands of dollars.

In short, if you take this blog seriously, in a very short time you will be generating very good income.

But, this is not free, you will have to study, apply and work hard.

It is not enough just to monetize your blog, it is also necessary to get the highest amount of organic traffic and for this, nothing better than knowing how to do the perfect SEO for your content.

Next we will give a brief explanation of the different ways to earn money online.

How to make money blogging

A brief but clarifying explanation is that in internet marketing and online business.

A blog is a fundamental piece to generate income and the fundamental reason is that the traffic you get thanks to a blog, is undoubtedly the best quality.

It is also important to note that a blog allows you to position yourself as a person who has authority on the subject you are dealing with.

It also allows you to develop very particular marketing strategies that make your website or blog a machine to generate income.

With a blog you can attract a lot of organic traffic that does not cost you a single penny and that converts like crazy.

A blog allows you to automate all your marketing and once it is attracting a lot of traffic the magic begins to happen.

Visits become subscribers, subscribers become customers and your PayPal account begins to Ring, Ring, every day, this system is called affiliate marketing.

You can also monetize it with Adsense ads, but this method is very profitable, if your blog is generating a lot of traffic.

Another option is Cpa marketing but I am not going to stop to explain everything here, it would go a long way and the importance of this strategy works very well with some niches. But we will see this in more detail in a post or series of posts.

For now the important thing is that they all work if applied to the right niche.

How to make money with Google Adsense and generate a passive income with your blog.

This is the easiest way to monetize a website or blog, but your blog needs a lot of natural traffic.

The way you make money with this strategy is with the ads that Google Adsense shows on your website or blog. However, do not think that they pay you a fortune for each click that the visitor makes on your page, they are usually pennies on the dollar although I have seen profits greater than a dollar per click, but do not get too illusions, because in the world Latino pay per click is quite low, between 1 cent and 10 cent, and can sometimes be a bit more.

But do not despise this, since as I told you before, for this strategy to work, you have to bring in a lot of traffic and that is what we will do.

Affiliate marketing what it is and how to generate passive income online

On this page we will not delve into these strategies since for this I will create high quality content so you can start applying it effectively. Dear friends in this blog there is no junk content, I am giving everything to start making money online for real.

Now we go with a brief but very clear definition of what affiliate marketing is.

Affiliate marketing is nothing more than selling products that you have not created, but that the owner pays you a very good commission to promote it. These products can be digital books, video courses, courses in audio format. Software, physical products such as clothing, watches, laptops, sneakers, electronic items, etc.

To carry out this business, you can do it in different ways, with a blog, with a channel on YouTube, on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

As you can see, it is the smartest way to start an Internet business, since you do not need a product, because they are already created and you only have to learn to promote it in any of the ways that I mentioned before. There are more but as I said before I will be revealing them in my next publications.

There is something that remains in my inkwell and that I imagine is very important information for you, it is about the commissions that you are going to earn that usually start from 50% upwards. This is really the best way to earn money online.

Affiliate marketing cpa, a powerful way to generate income online

CPA marketing which means cost per action is a brilliant way to make big money and you can do it with your blog or if you don’t have one, it doesn’t matter because you don’t need it if you don’t want to hook up.

The simplest way is the cost per lead, since you do not have to sell absolutely anything, it is enough for the visitor to register with their name and email and they pay you. This payment can range from 50 cents to more than a dollar for each registration.

Many people think that $ 1 or $ 1.5 is very little, but when you log 100 or 200 a day, it is still interesting.

There are people who make thousands of dollars a day thanks to this type of business, but it is not easy, it is not.

Multilevel Marketing or NetWorkMarketing

It is an excellent way to create an income for life, but it has its advantages and disadvantages since to be successful it is necessary to develop Leadership skills, be a good motivator and a vocation for service to help people who want to achieve their goals.

The great advantage is that if you manage to create a solid marketing network with partners well trained by you, your income will grow exponentially and it will be like a fruit tree that will always be bearing fruit.

What is ecommerce and how to make money with an online store

Today E-commerce has become very popular and there are many people selling products from China with their online stores. However, it can not only be sold with a website, you can also do it directly using EBay, free market, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram. And so on.

This topic is suitable for a wide band, so we will not go in depth, for this, as I said before, I will make special content.

Make money creating mobile applications

This is an Internet business alternative that allows you to earn money creating applications for mobile phones. There are 2 ways to generate profit: by selling these applications or by allowing users to download them for free and be paid with advertising.

Of the two options, monetization with advertising is the one that is implemented the most and also the one that gives the best results. This is a great way to passively earn money online. You work once and the app gives you money every time, over and over again.

Micro jobs on the Internet, another way to generate income online

There are many web pages where you can do mini jobs and for this activity they pay you some pennies. It is not a way with which you are going to earn thousands of dollars, it could rather be a few dollars a month, but it can help you something. What I recommend is that they do these activities and with the profits they start an Internet business that can automatically report passive income, and this can be a business that returns thousands of dollars every month.

How to make money with surveys.

Earning money with paid surveys is an online job with which you can earn very good money, but it is an activity that is more similar to a way of working from home.

There are many web sites and applications that are dedicated to providing this service.

Large companies such as Toyota, supermarkets, insurance companies, banks, pharmaceuticals, the food industry, use these channels to make a survey through a survey questionnaire that the person must answer.

For this activity you can generate some dollars for each survey, duly completed.

There are some polling companies that pay very well, but they are in the USA, and to apply and be accepted, you must be living in that country.

There are some ways to get around this stumbling block and you can use a VPN for this.

Another important thing is that these companies are not widely known and to access the official list it is necessary to buy the list.

But it is worth it, because those companies pay much better and we are not talking about $ 1 anymore, but much more for each survey.

There are people who dedicate themselves to this and get income over 1000 dollars a month and much more, everything will depend on the number of surveys you complete daily.

Freelance and earn money online.

This way of generating income is more of a way of working from home rather than an Internet business.

However, it is a great opportunity to start generating income by offering your services online.

If you are a person who knows more than one language, likes to write, knows graphic design, knows how to create good web pages, knows SEO (search engine optimization) or any job that is in demand on the Internet, this option is for you.

On the internet there are many pages to offer your freelance services in Spanish.

You just have to sign up and fill out some forms.

Make a brief but solid description of what you offer and how much you charge for your service and wait for the jobs to begin to arrive.

Working as a freelancer online is not a bad idea when we have skills that other people cannot develop due to lack of time, but are necessary for the development of their business.

For example, there are many clients who are engaged in Internet marketing, and they need content for their web pages.

There is the opportunity for people who know how to write articles and also optimize them for search engines.

There are also those who need content in images for their social networks and if you manage well in the graphic area, there is your opportunity.

I am not going to delve into this topic, since I will be writing a post where I will thoroughly discuss this way of making money.

Marketing with social networks and account monetization.

Social networks serve more than just entertainment and we can use them as a platform to earn money.

Through social networks, we can sell products and services, whether physical or digital.

Many people have pages on Facebook where they post content or relevant related to their business or service they are offering.

But there is a way to start an Internet business without having to have physical products or offer services.

It is about making money as an affiliate from an already created product. This is called affiliate marketing on social media.

To start this business you can use the most popular social networks, for example:







One of the simplest social networks that is giving very good results for affiliate marketing is instagram.

I wrote an article where I teach how to make money with Instagram with a new account with very few followers .

How to generate income by selling PLR products.

You probably haven’t heard of plr products.

Well, I don’t blame you because in Latin America this modality of Acer marketig is very little known.

However, it is for me one of the most creative ways to start generating income by keeping 100% of the money you get from the sale.

If you want to know more about this topic, I invite you to read this article.

11 effective ways to earn money with PLR digital products.

Thank you in advance for visiting my blog.

I will be deeply grateful if you share this content with your social networks.

I also encourage you to comment and if you want me to teach you something special, I will gladly write a post to help you.

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