How to install WordPress with one click without knowing anything.

How to install WordPress with one click without knowing anything.

Today we will learn how to install a WordPress blog in a very simple way from the cPanel of your Hosting server with a single click.

It seems for many people that starting to develop your own blog could be really a very complex task, but, it is not like that, but before we will talk a little about what WordPress is and everything that can be achieved if you learn the basics to get started in this the world of blogging.

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I will try to make a synthesis of this particular topic that I will deepen even more in a particular article, to address everything that this platform can do for the development of your Internet business.

WordPress is a blog platform that allows you to install your hosting a whole system to set up a website in the blog format.

2 platforms that allow you to have a free blog without performing any installation.

There are a good number of platforms on the internet that allow you to have a blog, even for free.

I will name two, because I know them and have worked with them.

You are and

If you are going to blog for free, my recommendation is that you use a blogger.

The reason is that you will be able to monetize your website with Adsense or Affiliate marketing.

On the other hand, if you use, which is the platform that allows you to do it for free, I do not recommend it, since you will not be able to monetize it because it simply does not leave you unless you pay.

Now it is true that you can have your blog on a blogger for free, I do not recommend it, because first, the blog does not belong to you and they can take it away from you and second, because it has many limitations.

On the other hand, a blog with your own domain, installed on a paid hosting, is a powerful marketing tool, because you can equip it with everything you need to be able to have the highest probability of success in your online project.

How to install WordPress on your hosting 100% free.

We are going to install your WordPress blog in such a simple way that you will not be able to believe it and we will do it from the Banahost hosting.

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How to install WordPress.
I have decided to use BanaHosting for this tutorial, because it is very easy to use and it is the hosting that I am currently using

If you learn to install your blog with BanaHost, you will have no problem installing it on any other hosting, because the process is very similar.

The first thing is to make an account in BanaHost. But first it is convenient that you change the language, this is done from the upper left tab and then you click on the register tab.

As I already have an account, I will proceed to enter with my registration data.

How to install

Then we click on my services.

install WordPress in cpanel

As you can see, I have contracted the Baba Professional Deluxe Unlimited SSD plan, where I have hosted the blogydinero domain.

By clicking on Bana Proffecional Deluxe. It takes us to the next page.

Image 1

In the behavior tab, click on start session in cpanel.

On this page you will find the tool that allows you to install WordPress with a single click.

You just have to go to the bottom of the page where it says: softaculous application installer and click on the WordPress icon.

Picture 2

Finally what you must click on install now as indicated in the following image.

Picture 3

Finally, you must fill in the information they ask you to install your wordpress with the domain name that you hosted on the Hosting.

Picture 4

What you must fill in before installing your WordPress with your domain name

We are going to review and I will indicate what you must fill out.

In choose the version you want to install, I suggest you choose 4.9.12, and after you have installed your blog, update to the most advanced version.

In choose installation url: use the https: // www protocol.

On behalf of the site. you can put the name of tublog, in my case I put “Blog and Money”

In the description of the site you can write what your site is about and your objective

In the administrator account section, you can leave the username, password that is given by default or change it to a personal one, you must also add your email account.

Don of says choose language: you must select the one you speak, if it is English or if it is Spanish.

In plugin selection, leave it as is.

Do not do anything in advanced options, leave it as is.

And finally, in selecting topics, you can select one or you can leave it for later.

Now we have everything ready to finish the installation by clicking the install button.

In the next post, I am going to teach you everything about this wordpress tool, so that you can start using it as an expert even if you are still a novice.

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