How to make money on Instagram with 1000 followers

make money on Instagram with 1000 followers

In this post I am going to show you how to make money on Instagram with only 1000 followers or less. With this strategy, you can sell even if your account is 100% new.

make money on Instagram with 1000 followers
make money on Instagram with 1000 followers

It is not a fallacious proposal, it is really possible and in this guide I will reveal how you can achieve it.

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With 1 billion active users, Instagram has become one of the most important networks in recent years.

An interesting fact for those of us who work from home is that Instagram is no longer a social network for teenagers.

Today, the public is much more mature with an age range above the years and below 55.

It is a professional audience that already has some economic power and has financial instruments that make it a potential client.

In fact, the ways to monetize Instagram, some are slower and long term and others faster and a shorter or shorter term.

What summons us today is how to monetize Instagram from the first moment you open an account and create a profile.

How to make money on Instagram with affiliate marketing.

The ways to earn money on Instagram are varied, for example:

  • Make money as an influencer on Instagram.
  • Monetize your Instagram by selling your services, for example: language classes, mathematics, guitar, etc.
  • Selling your advisory services, example: Legal, accounting, business, financial advisory, etc.
  • Selling your mentoring.
  • Selling your own products than factories.

However, I want to make everything much easier for you, consequently, what I am going to teach you is how to start a home-based internet business selling affiliate products or as we commonly call it, affiliate marketing.

But before entering the subject in question it is necessary that I explain some basic concepts regarding this excellent business, then let’s get down to it.

What’s affiliates marketing?

Affiliate marketing dear reader is the fastest way to start an online business without having your own product.

The definition is very simple and for you to understand it is to sell third party products in exchange for a commission.

What makes this type of business extremely attractive is the excellent commissions you can earn.

These commissions range from 50% to 70% and are paid through the Paypal payment gateway, credit card or bank account.

Another virtue that affiliate marketing has is that you do not need to pay to have the right to work with the platform.

Another important thing; it is a legal business and you should never confuse it with pyramid businesses.

It is like having a store where you sell real products, only in this modality these products are digital oriented to the education and information niche.

The affiliate platform that we will use to carry out this strategy is Hotmart.

There are others that are also very good such as ClickBank, Jvzzo, Amazon etc., but we are going to work with Hotmart for several reasons.

It is a Brazilian company and therefore it is 100% oriented to the Latin market.

It has many products in Spanish.

And this is very important; payments are made directly to your bank account.

That said, we are going to what interests us, which is to develop this strategy.

Strategy to earn money on Instagram with Hotmart or any other affiliate network.

Strategy to earn money on Instagram with Hotmart
Strategy to earn money on Instagram with Hotmart

This strategy is very simple and consists of 3 simple steps.

Step 1. Find a product that is selling well through the Hotmart platform.

Step 2. Investigate if there is a potential and massive audience that is interested in this topic within the Instagram social network.

Step 3. Make yourself a profile oriented to that niche or target audience.

Step 4. Apply the promotion strategy that I am going to give you in this tutorial.

Now we will see how each of these steps are executed in the correct way.

Step 1. How to find the best-selling affiliate products on Hotmart.

At Hotmart we can find a wide variety of products to promote, but before doing so it is important to take the following into account.

That the product is selling, this in Hotmart is reflected by the temperature of the product, the higher the temperature of the product, it means that it is selling well.

Another factor to take into account are the alternative links or Hotlinks

If a product, in addition to having a good temperature, also has alternative links then it is much better, because you have more sales angles and greater possibilities of selling.

And finally, that the niche of that product has a target audience on Instagram.

Step 2. Check if there is an active audience for the chosen product niche.

Before continuing, we must be clear about what is a product and what is a niche.

In affiliate marketing we have 3 large niches that are the most profitable.

These niches are: health, money and love, however these are not the only ones, there are more and they are very profitable.

But for the purposes of this tutorial, let’s stick with these 3.

For example, suppose you chose a weight loss diet product or something similar.

The next step is to go to Instagram and check if there are interested people.

This is done with the lupita.

And you do a search with the hashtags, diets to lose weight, or how to lose weight.

Make a list of hashtags and check if there is enough audience.

It is important to understand that you can also use hashtags related to the topic.

For example; weight loss exercises, like burning fat, fitness, all these hashtags, are and represent your target audience, who have different angles, but are on the same topic.

Get creative with naming your profile.

The idea is that this stays in the mind of your target audience.

Let’s look at some examples:

Not overweight.

Be in shape.

My easy diet.

No rolls.

And so on.

You already have the name of your profile!

Now we must optimize it so that it is attractive and you start generating your first profits.

Most of the users on Instagram have their profiles poorly optimized with irrelevant and unattractive information.

We must take advantage of every word to get people who come to our profile to click on our link and see what we are offering.

Use emogi in your texts to attract attention.

An example would be like this.

🕵️Discover how to lose weight 5 kg in a month without starving. ☑️Click here to start. 👉“Then you put the link here”

Generally the direct link is usually put.

However I suggest that it is much better to capture the person’s email and run it through a sales funnel, as long as you know how to do it, otherwise use the direct link they give you.

We will see the topic of funnels in an exclusive post, since it is a topic that goes a long way.

The chances of finalizing the sale have been shown to triple and in some cases can be even higher.

This will depend on the quality of the product, the demand and the price.

We have everything ok, now what we have to do is bring traffic to our profile to generate income with Instagram.

Step 4. Easy and effective strategy to learn and apply how I can start making money with Instagram today.

As the experts say, traffic is the lifeblood of internet businesses and that is the goal, driving a lot of traffic to your affiliate link.

There are 2 ways to get that traffic: organic or paid.

In this post we will go the organic way without having to spend a single penny to get traffic to your affiliate link to get sales.


Photos, images and short videos of no more than 10sec, are the type of content that is commonly shared on Instagram.

These can be shared in the news or in the stories.

The content must be of quality and visually interesting, attractive and also have the quality of generating interaction in the people who see it.

I mean, like, generate comments, be shared, be saved, and also that you generate the desire to follow you.

An easy way to get ideas is by spying on accounts similar to yours from the same niche and copying what they do.

Another way is to simply take that image that was successful on that account and post it on yours.

This is not illegal if you don’t modify the image.

Many accounts put their logo and account address on the image. For no reason do you delete it. Publish this content as is.

This will help you grow your account, and the owner of the image will thank you, because you are giving them free exposure.

For no reason do you publish your content without hashtags.

Hashtags are important in the viralization process and you must include a maximum of 30 and a minimum of 6.

Do not put more than 30, because Instagram will automatically delete them all.


The type of content has to be relevant to your Niche or topic of your profile.

Let’s suppose that your topic is related to cats, which is a pet niche.

Then you have to post cat images, cat infographics, cat tips, cat stories, cat videos etc.

You can’t post investment or motivational content or anything other than cats.

This is the key to your success on Instagram.

You already have the material to publish, the hashtags, and the text where you invite people to visit your profile and click on the link.

Now upload your image, copy the hashtags and paste them together with the text that invites you to go to your profile and visit your affiliate link.

You should always post in the stories with a suggestive call to action so that they go to your profile and visit your affiliate link.

If you have less than 10,000 followers, Instagram does not give you the possibility to put your link in the stories.

This option is only available and active for accounts greater than or equal to 10k followers.

Stories are an excellent way to do marketing to sell on instagram.

You should make the most of them since it does not cost you a penny to promote through this means and without a doubt it is excellent to sell.

Final summary to monetize and earn money with an Instagram profile

  • Find products that are being sold, specifically, that have a high temperature.
  • Investigate if there is an audience on Instagram to be able to sell that product, that is, if that niche has the possibility of being monetized.
  • Create a profile related to that niche and optimize it as much as you can.
  • Apply a correct strategy with the creation and publication of content, both in the news section and in the stories. The objective is to get a lot of interaction to get visits and grow the account.

With this we finish this guide.

This is the beginning for you to start your business with Instagram.

In the next content I am going to teach you 3 strategies to get winning hashtags so that they can grow their accounts faster and of course achieve more sales.

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