How to see the statistics of WhatsApp Business?

How to see the statistics of WhatsApp Business?

Do you want to know your metrics to measure the performance of your WhatsApp Business account? Find the information you need in the following article.

How to see the statistics of WhatsApp Business?
How to see the statistics of WhatsApp Business?

What metrics does WhatsApp Business show?

To measure the performance of the communication and marketing strategies that we apply in our business, it is important to have metrics that allow us to verify whether they are working or not, so that we can sharpen our aim. 

With WhatsApp Business you can collect information about the activity and interaction of other users with your account. These statistics will allow you to understand the engagement of your users and the experience they have had with your brand. 

With these WhatsApp statistics you will only be able to see 4 indicators.

Where do I find the statistics in WhatsApp Business and what do they mean? 

You can find the statistics in the Statistics tab of your WhatsApp Business administrator. There you will see: 

Sent messages

You can see the number of total outgoing messages from your WhatsApp account. This metric totals the number of messages that were sent from your account regardless of whether they were received by the recipients or not. 

Messages delivered

In this case you will be able to verify how many messages were received. By comparing it with the metric of the messages sent, you will be able to see what the delivery percentage of your messages is.

Thanks to this metric it will be possible for you to keep your database healthy by tracking the numbers that are not receiving your messages and finding out why. If they are no longer in use or have been blocked, you can remove them from your mailing lists. 

Received messages

Here you can see the number of messages you have received in your account in a given period.
In WhatsApp Business accounts, this number is usually higher than that of outgoing messages. 

Amount spent 

The WhatsApp Business API system has a cost per session, that is, for each initial message received by a user in a period of 24 hours.

Facebook advises not to use the metrics in the Statistics tab to reconcile with the service bill, as it is an estimate and may not be entirely accurate. Instead they suggest using the invoice report. 

Consult the Facebook for Business help center to know how to obtain the details of your invoices from the WhatsApp Business API . 

Businesses can benefit from these metrics to be able to evaluate the performance of their advertising and to guide the planning of communication and marketing strategies. Be careful not to take the metrics in development to make relevant business decisions. 

These metrics will provide you with quantitative information related to your company’s communications. However, they do not seem to be enough.

Expand your metrics with Sirena 

You can integrate WhatsApp Business through the API with Sirena, since we are official providers of the messaging platform. 

Sirena provides a modern and friendly dashboard for any type of user that allows you to view the performance metrics of your sales and customer service teams (as well as all those who participate in company communications through the platform). 

Although the metrics that WhatsApp Business offers can be very useful, you should also bear in mind that they are not an exact count of what happens within the application. 

That is why it is important that you can add the metrics that Sirena provides to have a more detailed image of the performance of the communications that you offer to your clients, in order to improve them every day. 

Some of the metrics that you can find in Sirena are: 

New contacts 

With this metric you can measure the number of new contacts entered through all your communication channels, not just WhatsApp. 

You can also identify the most active conversation channels and which ones generate the most conversions. The latter is important, because perhaps a channel has fewer conversations but achieves a higher percentage of conversions and orients your marketing efforts towards the origin that works best.

Wait time

Sirena calculates the average waiting time that clients have to be served. This will allow you to understand how long it takes to resolve a customer’s query or make a sale. 

You can use this time to inform, through our bot, what is the delay they will have to be served, and thus improve your user experience. 

Learn how the Response time tool works and what it is for in our blog post. 

Heat maps

This functionality will allow you to explore in calendar format which were the busiest days. The more open conversations per agent in a period, the day will be shown in a darker color.

By adding the Sirena metrics to your WhatsApp Business reports, you will be able to consolidate the quantitative information with the qualitative one. So you can understand not only the number of conversations, but also the quality of them. 

Do you want to boost your business? Start using Sirena today and boost the metrics of all your channels in one place!

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