How to sell PLR resale products online with blog

sell PLR resale products online with blog

Using a blog to sell PLR digital products online is a very good idea and an excellent way to build a profitable online business.

sell PLR resale products online with blog
sell PLR resale products online with blog

Best of all, you can literally create a niche blogging empire, without having to be an expert on the subject.

Because within the plr products you will find books, audios, video courses, software, articles, reports, practically everything, to build your business.

You only need someone to tell you what you should do and how to do it, the rest you contribute with your work, and with the desire to get ahead.

Your attitude, and your commitment to yourself, is by far the most important variable in the equation.

If you are not willing to work and get out of your comfort zone, it is impossible to achieve your dreams and goals.

Lack of commitment, and taking action, is the stumbling block where all failed entrepreneurs fall.

Because they abandon their project at the first difficulty that arises.

Failure and success is not a cause of bad or good luck.

It is the cause of a fickle person with low resistance to failure.

Failure is part of success.

But it’s part of failure, when you see it as a loss.

There is a phrase that I love and it usually describes a successful person very well.

“I never lose, when I don’t win, I learn”

Instead a failed person always says.

“I never win, I always lose”

Are you ready to start setting up your first blog and monetize it 100%, with PLR products?

Make yourself comfortable, bring a coffee, have a notebook and pencil handy for you to take notes.

Because this information is pure gold.

Let’s start then:

How and what plr products and what niches can be sold online and generate good income.

There are many strategies for selling plr products.

You could use social networks to do it, in the case of facebook, you could make a page and start posting content

Another way is with a YouTube channel, this way is great, since the traffic is from search engines and it is the one that converts the best.

You could make a profile on Instagram and start posting quality content.

Another strategy is to publish your offer on profiles that have a good number of followers, of course, that you would have to pay.

Now if you are interested in learning more ways to earn money online with plr products, you can visit.

11 great ways to make money online with PLR products.

If you are interested in knowing how, you can read ” How to make money with Instagram “

Finally, we have the option of creating a niche blog, which is the topic that I am going to reveal to you now, the details and strategy to follow I will explain later.

Why create a blog to generate income with PLR products?

A well-built website or blog is synonymous with passive income for life.

The process is slower than other strategies, but the results are far better.

And to speak of search engine traffic, it has no competition, the best quality, the one that converts wonderfully and is the one that leaves you very good money in your pocket.

You work once and then to reap the fruit of your effort.

The grace is that, you position a blog, you put more content in it and thus multiply the traffic and also your income

Then, you look for another niche and repeat the process again and thus you build multiple sources of income.

The formats to start your business can be books, reports, audiobooks, audio courses, video courses, article packages, images, graphics, software, templates, etc.

When it comes to niches or topics, there is an infinity from which to choose.

The niches that are sold the most are those that are related to the categories of health, money and love.

However, there are niches that are very good, that are not in these categories and that have less competition.

The important thing is to choose scientifically and not by hunch.

The way to make a good choice, I’ll explain it to you in detail later.

How to set up a blog to sell PLR products and affiliate products online.

The first thing is to determine the niche and if there are products to sell on our website.

A very common mistake is to create a blog for a certain niche, without investigating if it has the potential to sell and if there are good quality plr or affiliate products.

To be successful, you need to conduct market research and analysis.

How to do a market analysis to sell online with a niche blog.

Most people skip this step and start with any topic, don’t do research, and choose the one that they think might work.

This is a mistake, since they have no idea how the audience is set up and if it really is a business niche.

One of the most effective ways to know if a topic or niche is being searched is through the Google Trends tool.

There are other ways, but I assure you that this way will tell you if that niche is on the rise, remains constant or is in free fall.

The first thing is to make a list of niches that you think are lucrative.

I’m going to do mine.

Give up smoking.

Vegan diets.

Vegan food.

Alopecia, hair loss.




A list of 15-20 different topics would be great, the more you have, the better your chances of finding a good niche to start with.

Another way to find good niches is by asking on Quora.

A question could be. What market niches do you think are more lucrative to set up a blog? Please include from all categories.

The other thing you can do is go to Quora and investigate what people are asking, what worries them, and so on.

Important aspects to evaluate

To create a good website or blog, with which we can sell products whether they are tangible or digital 100% over the Internet, we need to make sure that we can at least have a 60% hope of success.

This value is quite conservative and could be much higher depending on the theme you choose to start your project.

The first thing we should investigate is the trend of the niche.

Check if there are PLR ​​or affiliate products to promote.

Then if you have an acceptable search volume and finally the organic competition.

To evaluate the trend we will use the Google Trends tool.

To estimate the volume of searches and related and derived keywords, Google’s keyword tool is great.

We can also use the tool. The virtue of this tool is that it gives you the exact number of searches, not the Google tool, which only gives you one parameter.

Finally, to know the organic competition, we can see it with the Google keyword tool.

But there is a tool that is paid, but it lets you do some daily queries, and this tool tells you if it is difficult or easy to position a keyword.

This tool is Ubersuggest by Neil Patel.

It is a very good tool to find those keywords that your competition is using.

Now let’s see what these tools tell us.

Practical example for the niche “vegan food”

Let’s see the trend with google trends .

Ideally, you should do this exercise for each niche.

If you look at the curve, it has an upward trend, for Mexico.

But not all countries show a tendency to go up, for this reason, I suggest you do it for all Hispanic countries.

Next, let’s look at the search terms. I’m going to use the tool, because it gives me all the terms, with visit volume and Cpc (cost per click).

We go to , and I suggest you create a free account.

This is an excellent keyword tool.

The tool gives me 701 keyword results.

If you look at it, it has 8100 searches for Spain, and it has a red downward arrow.

This is so, because in Google Trends the trend is downward, but it does not have to be the case for all countries.

Mind you, Mexico is totally upside down.

The term vegan food has 14800 searches and is on the rise.

It is very important that you analyze this in detail for each country.

It could happen that one country looks very auspicious, but the rest completely bad.

The more information you have, the better, the more sure you will be of your final choice.

Finally, there is a very important issue, it is about how easy or difficult it is to position the niche.

For this we will use a very good tool, it is ubersuggest.

This tool gives you several values ​​such as search volume, CPC (cost per click, very important if you want to monetize with Adsense), paid difficulty, SEO difficulty, this last parameter is important because it allows me to know if it is easy or difficult to position. .

In this case it has an SD of 27, which is easy to position if you do a correct SEO.

In general, even a SD of 40 is feasible to position, more there is complicated, because there is a lot of competition.

You already have your battery of niches classified and ordered from the best evaluated to the worst.

Now we need to know if there are good products to sell online on our niche site.

How to find good quality products to sell online with a niche blog

Make sure that the PLR ​​product (s) that you are going to sell on your blog are of the best quality.

For this, it is important to buy the products in prestigious sites and that they have good and varied products.

For this purpose, I recommend , because they allow you to download 2 gold products, which are paid, completely free.

Once you have downloaded the product in English.

You can translate it with the google translator.

Then you read it and adjust the grammar so it doesn’t feel weird reading it.

The next step is to customize it and put affiliate links within the content.

These links have to be related to the topic.

Finally, you must customize the covers or change them so that your product looks like a unique piece.

Most importantly, you should start selling it on your blog.

They also have free products that you can use and do whatever you want according to the type of license.

How to use these products for free is a topic for another article.

For now focus on what I am teaching you.

You already have everything you need.

It is time to create your blog, so that you can see how it is done, I invite you to review the following guides.

Guide 1. How to create a blog, in this guide I show you everything you must take into account to create your blog.

Guide 2. How to choose a good domain, in this article I explain what you should consider having a domain that works.

Guide 3. How to buy a hosting that is of good quality and cheap.

Guide 4. How to install WordPress easy , you install your blog with one click.

Guide 5. Finally you have a complete WordPress tutorial, for newbies.

If you find this content to be of value and it has served you, share it on your social networks.

Leave a comment. You can also subscribe to ni list, where you will receive special content for members of this community.

A hug and much success.

Nestor Beltran.

Author of Blog and Money.

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