Law of Attraction Classics: Practical Mental Influence – Attraction Between Minds – WW Atkinson

Law of Attraction Classics: Practical Mental Influence – Attraction Between Minds – WW Atkinson

The ether with which area is stuffed includes these Thought-Waves in all guidelines, and the floor of the earth, in particular inside the densely occupied quantities, is filled with these waves.

These waves, wearing the mental vibrations, coming in touch with every other, generally tend to installation mixtures on one hand, in any other case neutralize each different on the other hand. That is to say, if sets of waves of a comparable nature meet there’s likely to be a mixture fashioned between them simply as between chemicals having an affinity for every other. In this manner the `mental ecosystem` of locations, towns, houses, etc., is formed.

On the other hand if currents of opposing vibrations got here in touch with every other, there may be manifested a battle among the two, in which every will lose in proportion to its weak spot, and the end result can be both a neutralization of each otherwise a combination having vibrations of an average rate.

For example, if two currents of mental strength meet, one being a concept of Love and the other Hate, they will neutralize each other if they may be identical, or if one is more potent than the other, it will persist but robbed of an awful lot of its strength. If it have been now not for this neutralizing impact we would be in large part at the mercy of stray currents of thought. Nature protects us in this way, and additionally by using rendering us immune to a tremendous quantity.

But despite the fact that we’re affected by those waves to a large quantity, until we’ve learned to throw them off by using know-how of the laws and an enforcement of them through practice. We all recognize how first rate waves of feeling unfold over the metropolis, town or u . S ., sweeping people off their balance.

Great waves of political enthusiasm, or War spirits, or prejudice for or against positive people, or agencies of human beings, sweep over places and reason men to behave in a way that they’ll in a while remorse when they come to themselves and don’t forget their acts in cold blood.
Demagogues will sway them or magnetic leaders who desire to benefit their votes or patronage; and they may be led into acts of mob violence, or similar atrocities, by means of yielding to these waves of `contagious` concept. On the alternative hand we all know how outstanding waves of non secular feeling sweep over a network upon the event of a few extremely good `revival` pleasure or fervor.

The effect of these Thought-Waves, thus far because the strength of induction is concerned, of route depends very materially upon the power of the idea or feeling being manifested within the mind sending them forth.

The majority of people positioned but little pressure into the intellectual manifestations, however here and there may be to be located a thinker whose Thought-Waves are almost `a flow of dwelling will` and which of path have a totally robust inductive impact upon the minds of others with whom the waves are available in contact.

But it likewise follows that a number of folks wondering alongside the same lines will produce a terrific volume of energy by a aggregate in their thought currents into top notch streams of intellectual pressure.

Then again there may be every other function of the case that we need to no longer lose sight of, and that is the Attraction among minds, by way of virtue of which one draws to himself the Thought-Waves of others whose mind are in accord with his very own.

The opposite is genuine, for there’s Repulsion between the minds of humans and the Thought-Waves of others whose mind are not in accord with his own. The opposite is actual, for there’s Repulsions between the minds of people and the Thought-Waves of others adverse to their thoughts.

To quote a properly-worn and lots-used expression to demonstrate this fact, `Like attracts Like,` and `Birds of a Feather flock collectively.` There is ever in operation this stunning regulation of Attraction and Repulsion of Mental Energy- Persons allowing their thoughts to run along sure strains, and allowing the emotions to be expressed in certain methods, draw to themselves the Thought-Waves and mental influences of others keyed to the same intellectual key-observe.

And likewise they repel the waves and affects of an opposing nature. This is an essential reality to consider in a single’s ordinary existence. Good draws Good and repels Evil. Evil attracts Evil and repels Good. The most important Mental Attitude serves to draw comparable affects and to repel the opposing ones. Therefore watch carefully the character and nature of your mind – domesticate the perfect ones and repress the unwanted ones. Verily `As a person thinketh in his heart, so is he.`

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