Make money with digital marketing by 10 proven strategies

10 strategies to start making money today with digital marketing

Making money from digital marketing is becoming much more common and very popular. 

There are many ways to generate profits and create a digital business with which to live 100% of the internet.

Here I am going to give you a list of ideas that you could start working with today and others that are longer-term.

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Ideas to make money with digital marketing

  1. Offer web page creation services, you can do it with wordpress. You can charge about $ 30 to get started. This is a very effective way to start making money by offering your digital marketing services to local businesses.
  2. Sell ​​web pages on . The strategy is to create niche web pages, publish content, drive traffic and then sell it on Flippa. Over time you can charge thousands of dollars for a website.
  3. Do local dropshipping. If you live in a city where there is a lot of commerce, you can look for new products, take a photo of them and sell them on the open market. This technique is very easy to perform, since you do not require money or a website.
  4. Offer sub-contracted services. This technique is very similar to dropshipping, but it is done with services such as translation, SEO, digital content creation, article writer, etc. The grace is that you do not have to do it yourself, what you do is hire these services on freelancer pages at a price and you deliver it charging a higher value.
  5. Sell ​​plr book on Ebay. There are many places where you can get these PLR ​​products at a very affordable price, then you can sell them at a higher price.
  6. Create niche blog and monetize it with affiliate products or adsense advertising.
  7. Offer your services as SEO and help companies to position their web pages. This requires knowledge of search engine optimization.
  8. You can sell your website optimization and social media management services as Community Manager.
  9. Become an expert Copywriter. They are currently the best paid on the web along with those who are dedicated to writing articles optimized for search engines.
  10. Lastly, become an Internet Marketer expert and build an online business empire by selling digital affiliate products and promoting CPA offers.

In this post, I will focus 100% on this last option, which for my taste is the one that offers the greatest facilities for a newbie who is just starting out in this world of making money with digital marketing.

How to build a solid business based on digital affiliate marketing with little money for just the cost of a meal at a MacDonalds

Never in history has started an Internet business been more accessible.

If you consider that online marketing today has become a great opportunity for people in the middle strata to start a highly profitable business without having to mortgage their lives to do so.

There are an infinite number of affiliate networks, in fact, larger chains like Wal-Mart have their own affiliate program.

This opens a range of opportunities for average people to start earning good amounts of money by applying digital marketing strategies in their online promotional campaigns.

What you should do, your first steps

Many people are absolutely lost on the road to success as an affiliate.

Digital marketing, far from being an option to see what happens, is really a great opportunity to achieve great things, which you could not achieve with a traditional job.

These are the first things you should do to get started in this world of online affiliate marketing.

– Conduct a detailed research of affiliate networks, affiliate products, and niche markets you can start working with

-Sign up for the affiliate networks and programs that interest you (it’s free and easy to do).

-Start promoting the products, if you do not know-how, look on YouTube for videos where they teach how to do it, there are also many good quality blogs that teach you excellent methods where you do not have to invest a single penny in paid advertising.

There are companies like Clickbank, Jvzoo, Hotmart, that have a wide variety of digital products, from many different niches.

There are also affiliate networks such as Amazon, CJafilliate, and Rakuten, which are for tangible physical products.

Earn more promoting digital products

Not a minor detail when we must decide whether to promote digital products or physical products is to take into account that the commission rate of digital products are notoriously higher than the commissions that you can achieve for selling a physical product.

The reason is that a digital product does not have associated costs such as production, storage, and shipping.

Searching for business opportunities to earn money with digital marketing as an affiliate is very simple.

To do a search on Google, you just have to type in the search engine «affiliate + product» without the quotes. for example marketing + affiliate course. 

It can also be a physical product such as “electric screwdrivers + affiliates”, with this technique you will be able to find many affiliate programs with which you can earn a lot of money by applying effective digital marketing strategies applied to the promotion of affiliate products.

While it is true, registration to these affiliate networks is free, however, some affiliate programs require approval to start promoting and selling.

Methods of promoting digital affiliate products

There are many ways to promote these affiliate products including free and paid methods.

Among the payment methods we have, pay per click (PPC), pay per view (PPV), interstitial traffic, mobile traffic, push traffic, etc.

With free methods, we can highlight organic traffic from search engines (it is one of the best), traffic with videos (excellent with high conversion rates), organic traffic with social networks, viral traffic (very effective), classified ads.

Now you are wondering how I use all this information to learn how to promote with all these methods?

Very simple, on the Internet, there are hundreds of blogs, YouTube channels, and forums where you can learn these techniques. The easiest way to find information is through search engines on Google and YouTube. You just have to write “affiliate marketing forums”, “affiliate marketing blogs”, the same should be done in the youtube search engine.

Earning money with affiliate marketing programs is one of the most effective ways to start making quick money working from home without having to invest a single penny and in this way start generating additional income working in your free time. 

Many who started this way, working a couple of hours after their traditional job and today already have a business of thousands of dollars and live 100% from the Internet

It should be noted that making money selling products that are not yours and that pay you large commissions per sale is an effort that is worth it for all the additional benefits you achieve for doing so.

In conclusion, we can say that digital marketing offers great opportunities to earn money online, especially for those people who are just starting on this exciting path that if they take it really seriously, it can lead them to total economic freedom, and to live 100 % of the Internet.

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