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DHL and F1 call to design a trophy, there will be prizes!

DHL and F1 call to design a trophy, there will be prizes!

Designer Ruva unveiled the new campaign between courier services DHL and F1 to design their new trophy

Formula 1 is valued at more than 1.7 billion euros.

  • Awards increase consumer recognition and validation of brands.
  • Collaboration between brands is the best way to gain followers, according to 30 percent of marketers .

The new campaign launched by Formula 1 in collaboration with DHL invited racing fans to design the next trophy of the season, the winners will be awarded an all-paid trip to Abu Dhabi.

Formula 1 is one of the highest-rated sports thanks to the profitability of the racing car industry. Marketing in this sport is essential for its survival, since it represents its first source of income .

Projected sponsorships for F1 teams and drivers represented 1.7 billion euros in 2022, according to data from the industry itself. For its part, the income received through tickets to sporting events was approximately 270 million euros.

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double prize

According to Statista, they revealed that new generations are mostly inclined to purchase a product that, as part of its advertising, grants prizes or extra benefits.

On this occasion, the collaboration between two major brands such as the high-speed racing tournament and logistics services provides the consumer with the necessary confidence to bet on the services they offer.

Likewise, obtaining prizes or extra benefits as part of a brand’s advertising strategy helps validate and recognize its image, as well as giving it visibility and credibility.

Approximately 34 percent of marketers see collaboration between brands as the best way to increase consumers or followers of a company or product, according to the market research company Ascend 2.

Winners will be able to present their prize in Abu Dhabi

As a reward, the winners will be able to enjoy a trip to Abu Dhabi along with a companion. In this he will have the opportunity to present the author’s trophy in the next season of the racing sport that will begin on April 6 of the current year.

The designer and content creator known as Ruva announced the recent call launched by the aforementioned brands with the aim of showing the process of his own design for the next season trophy.

The vision expressed by the designer for the creation of the image of the following trophies seeks to reflect the characteristic speed of racing cars, as well as the services of the logistics and courier company.

During the creation process, Ruva reminds users to use the hashtags located in their post so that designs created by competitors can be visible to brands.

Other large corporations such as Pepsi had already resorted to this type of calls, such as the one carried out in recent years when the soft drink company launched a call for its consumers to design the can of its Light drink. As on this occasion, the first place prize consisted of an all-paid trip.

The success of advertising campaigns that use resources such as prizes and rewards is the reason why brands frequently resort to this type of strategies, since the positive return on investment is evident.

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