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Interstitial ads: what they are and how to know if you should use them

Interstitial ads: what they are and how to know if you should use them

By Marina Sala , published on November 20, 2023

In an SEM strategy , where the goal is to generate more web traffic, it is common to use interstitial ads. We explain what they are and how to use this type of advertising in a marketing strategy.

Interstitial ads - what they are and how to know if you should use them

Interstitial ads are those ads that cover the website interface and interrupt navigation , hence this technique is known as interruption marketing.

Ads are triggered and appear when the user performs a certain action, such as clicking a link or being in a specific area of ​​the website. And the most common thing is that it is the user themselves who decides when to close it , although there is also the possibility that it closes automatically after a few seconds of viewing.

How to know when to use interstitial ads in your digital marketing strategy

Web pages are so overloaded with messages that our brain is capable of ignoring most of them, but with an interstitial ad this does not happen, since it appears unexpectedly taking up the entire screen. However, this is very invasive advertising , so to prevent the user from leaving the website it should be used in very specific cases and when seeking to capture the user’s attention with a message that will really be interesting for them.

Types and advantages of this type of ads

What is sought through this type of advertisement is to capture the user’s attention , which is achieved thanks to its surprise effect since it is impossible to escape the advertising message. However, so that it does not cause uncertainty and rejection on the part of the user, it is necessary to design this type of advertising very carefully and adapt the format to the website and the type of target audience . That said, it is important to know the different types of interstitial ads there are:

  • Pop-ups : They are implemented with JavaScript and open in a new window, just in front of the content of the web page.
  • Flash Layers – is an ad covering original content. That is, it is a kind of additional layer that is above the content.
  • Pop-unders : A new window opens just behind the active window, so it will be visible when it is closed. It is a less intrusive type of advertising.
  • Interstitial video : It is a type of ad that is used, above all, in videos.
  • Superstitials : is a type of advertisement that is characterized by being interactive and including many different elements, such as text, images, audio and video.
  • Prestitials : These are those that are only displayed when the home page is opened or an application or program is launched.
  • IntelliTXT : in this type of ads the textual part is the most important, since the keywords are usually highlighted and act as a link.

As we say, we must think that this is a very invasive type of advertising, something that usually generates a certain rejection among users, so regardless of the type chosen, to generate leads or achieve conversion they must be visually attractive. and interesting at the content level .

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