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What is digital marketing and how to make money?

digital marketing and how to make money - plrfreeonline-com

Digital Marketing, in this post you will discover why using all its combined strategies, you will get more clients and you will be able to multiply your sales with the ones you already have.

Surely you are wondering what digital marketing is and what it is for.

But before moving on to delve deeper into this topic that is more technical and to excite and urge you to read all this content.

I will briefly refer to what really interests you, which is:

How to make money with digital marketing and live 100% of the internet.

Generally when a chef gives a cooking recipe; first it provides a list of ingredients and products for the preparation.

Then, he teaches the procedure to prepare it and finally, he talks about how good the dish is and the flavors that can be tasted and appreciated.

Usually this is the outline that is used to make an article.

I want to start with the end, with the purpose that you can understand, because learning digital marketing is the best idea you can have.

Learning digital marketing is synonymous with earning good money, being financially free and not depending on a job to develop professionally and as a person.

It also gives you the freedom to have vacations when you want and as many times as you want.

More free time with your family, and work from home without imposing rigid schedules.

With online marketing, you can earn money as an affiliate, as a blogger, as a community manager, as an influencer, as a coaching, as a mentor, offering advice, as an info-producer, developing and selling software, teaching and selling your knowledge, specializing in cpa marketing, selling affiliate products with videos, setting up an online advertising agency, and so on.

The possibilities are many and every year more forms and ways of business, strategies and techniques come out.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn with this blog, which is otherwise free.

Now we are going with the development of the subject.

What is digital marketing, definition.

Digital marketing

Marketing is the effective application of commercial strategies applied and executed in the different channels and digital media.

For a person who is new to Internet marketing, trying to understand this salad of information and concepts that agglutinates online marketing, could be quite intimidating.

But do not worry, because, on the contrary as some colleagues do on the web.

I will be simple and direct, I will avoid idle talk, trying to be as clear as possible in a few words.

I will also avoid tackling technical topics that only experts understand. The idea is that you learn directly, easily and do not get entangled.

Introduction to digital marketing and how to apply it to sell more online.

We said that digital marketing is the use of strategies and tools applied to digital channels and media, to promote and position a brand, publicize new products and services and of course the most important, make more sales and win potential customers.

This could be a great definition and also very easy to understand.

For this to happen we are going to have to synchronize all the digital machinery in such a way that we can make it work effectively.

This machinery could be composed of social networks, web pages, blogs, paid advertising, email marketing or E-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, attraction marketing, neuromarketing, copy writing , video marketing, SEO which in Spanish means “optimization in search engines” and why not also, traditional marketing, which is done outside the internet, and so on.

We can use all these ways of digital marketing to create a strategy for our project, or use only some of them.

If you are a complete newbie, what I suggest is that you learn to implement two or three at most and put them into practice immediately.

If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry, in this blog I’m going to include each one of them separately, in articles that deal exclusively with each topic, so that you can implement them one by one.

However, none of these strategies can survive without the most important variable, which is web traffic.

What is web traffic or Internet traffic.

A definition that fits like a glove is:

Web traffic is the lifeblood of digital marketing and internet business.

Just as no living being can subsist without blood, the same is true with digital marketing.

Web traffic can be obtained with free and paid strategies.

Being organic traffic from search engines, the highest quality and the one that converts wonderfully, however, it is slower and can take time to arrive, depending on the effort and time you dedicate.

On the other hand, paid traffic is cold traffic, but it is fast, you pay, you configure your ad and immediately afterwards the visits arrive.

Digital marketing with web or blog.

I love this strategy, because in it you can apply all marketing techniques or at least almost all.

When we talk about Internet marketing with a blog, we are entering a fascinating world, where it is not enough just to write well, we must understand that our content is aimed at a particular audience.

Second, you must write high-quality content, but it must also be captivating and motivate the visitor to continue reading, and last but not least, that Google and its algorithm like it.

This last variable is very important, because it allows you to have visibility, and as your publications are placed among the ten places on the first page, you will get a greater flow of visitors to your blog.

This technical process is called SEO, which is a set of strategies that allow you to optimize your content, your images, etc.

People who are dedicated to doing blog marketing know that the best traffic, the one that converts wonderfully, is the traffic that comes from Internet search engines.

As I said before, it is not my intention to teach each of these strategies in depth in this content.

The important thing is that you understand what each one of them is about so that you can make a decision to start applying online marketing in your business, be it traditional and tangible, or a hundred percent internet business.

What should I learn to start blogging?

The first thing is to develop the ability to write, you will have to learn how to write on a blog.

If you find it difficult to write, you cannot imagine what it cost me, but everything is learned, by telling you that now I write in a row and I only correct spelling and writing errors.

This I do when the article finished, and by finally I do the last SEO adjustments of my content.

This is very important and you will have to learn SEO (positioning in Google) 0, otherwise, nobody will find you on the Web, but do not be alarmed, because also, I will teach it and there will be an exclusive section for learn how to generate traffic with good SEO.

Finally and of course what interests us all; the monetization of the blog, because, what do we get from having a website with hundreds of thousands of visits, if they don’t leave us a single penny.


You can monetize with advertising using the Google Adsense program.

This works like this; Every time a visitor enters your website and clicks on one of the ads, you win.

Not much is earned per click, but if your website has hundreds of thousands of visitors per month, the profit is still considerable.

As you may have realized by now, digital marketing means Internet business and strategies to make money online.

You can also monetize with your own products, these can be digital products or tangible products.

And the simplest thing is, sell products of others, this is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing, a smart way to do internet marketing.

This is another very important edge of online marketing, and it’s great because with this strategy, the creator of the product wins, the affiliate who promotes the product wins, and the one who buys wins, because they are expanding and strengthening their knowledge, and also by applying them, You fix a problem and you can move on.

It should be noted that thousands of companies use this strategy to sell products and services through promotional campaigns made by affiliates.

To work and generate income with affiliate marketing, we can leverage all the digital marketing strategies that are available on the internet.

Here you can use blog, email marketing, search engine advertising, social media advertising, video marketing, sales funnels, and so on.

Each of these ways of doing digital marketing, I will explain them in a very general way in this post, but as I promised, I will teach you in detail in other articles, so that you can apply them and start your business online.

Sales funnels or Salles funnels.

This is getting very interesting, because as you read the content, you will realize how the pieces are being put together so that your digital marketing machine works perfectly as a real business.

I am not saying automatic, because although it is true, we can automate, but not 100%, since you always have to do something, a video, write an article for the blog, an email for the subscriber list, content for the social networks, etc.

A marketing funnel is nothing more than a system, a process with which you attract an audience that has an interest, has a problem to solve or wants to learn something very specific to increase their skills.

For example, let’s say you have a weight loss blog, and all of your content is related to diet, healthy living, and fitness.

But you also have within the content and in the strategic places of your blog, a message, or a banner, where you tell your visit that you are giving them a free report, where you teach how you can lose weight with an eating plan, with which you will not go hungry.

What do you think this is?

This is a sales funnel, widely used in digital marketing, to build a list of subscribers, who are converted into customers, through a series of emails written to persuade and provoke a sale. This strategy is called e-mailmarketing

These emails are designed and written using the technique of copy writing and neuromarketing in order to convert yes or yes to that subscriber into a customer, and not into an ordinary one, but into a regular one who is always buying.

You realize how all these techniques are intertwined.

I recently read an article, which is positioned in the first place of the first page of Google.

It is probably there, because of the SEO they applied, but I assure you that if a beginner reads this article, he does not understand absolutely anything, because it is a compendium of loose information, without logical connection, impossible to understand for a person who does not know anything about it. .

It is as if you want to learn English and the first thing they give you is a grammar book, with which you are not going to learn how to say or hello.

What is a subscriber list?

A subscriber list is a very specific audience that is built around a very specific niche.

Digital marketing in social networks.

This is nothing more than the use of social networks to make yourself known and position your brand.

In this type of marketing, many new names have been born that are to refer to the people who are dedicated to developing these strategies.

Youtuber, influencer, community manager, social marketing are the name given to people who are engaged in these activities.

Social networks are an excellent tool for branding or, as it is commonly called, branding.

Another important feature is the viralization capacity that you can achieve with the publications you make.

Best of all, it is a free strategy and you can apply it on all social networks.

Social media marketing is an excellent tool to help you grow your audience significantly and convert this audience into customers, if you manage to do this, then you are doing well, but if these customers, you make them recurring, they buy you one. and again, you are doing it in an extraordinary way.

When you understand that your audience is the most important thing, then you will realize that your content must be relevant, you must deliver the best of you, whether you are an expert or a beginner.

Content Marketing.


When we talk about content marketing, we tend to think of it as article marketing.

In the beginnings of web 2.0, where blog marketing began to develop and people who visited the sites left their comments, thus becoming an important part of the content as they added value.

The famous phrase was born, content is king.

Phrase that Google embraces with great force and today it is still the most important variable for the search engine.

If your content is of poor quality and does not contribute anything; They will not be read, they will not be shared, they will not generate interaction, no one will leave you comments.

For a blog, the most important content is written, because through words you can optimize SEO and thus have more exposure.

Videos and images on a blog help increase retention time.

And the texts with links reduce the bounce%.

Everything is linked to the content and we must worry about it, because it is the spice of our blog.

You already know a tasteless food, nobody wants to eat it.


Now, if for a blog, the words words are the fundamental thing, for YouTube, the content in audiovisual format is the one that takes the baton.

And boy is this form of marketing powerful, not in vain, YouTube is the second most important search engine on the internet.

Videos as a digital marketing strategy is one of the most effective, and conversion rates far exceed written content formats.


This form of content is widely used by social networks.

A very common phrase that reflects this is:

An image says more than a thousand words.

This is true, as long as these are carefully lowered, it is not reaching out and posting images for posting.

You have to say something interesting that leads the person to reflect deeply or teach or convey value.

The social networks of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, without an example.

People are constantly sharing images and photographs.

The purpose and intent of these images are subject to the profile type of the person who uploads them.

For example; a person who uploads personal photographs, it is because their profile is personal, and the intention is that these photographs are seen by friends, acquaintances and fans.

On the other hand, a person who uploads images of people doing exercises, infographics of healthy living, images of healthy foods, is because his subject is health and physical condition and perhaps he is a personal trainer, who offers a program to improve the physical of these people.

E-Mail marketing, the money is in the lists.

I have been hearing this phrase since the beginning of the internet, when having a list of subscribers was a privilege of few.

Today it should not be like that, however many novice entrepreneurs continue with the idea that it is difficult to do so.

But this is not the case, anyone can start doing quality digital marketing.

Today it is no longer an impediment, because there are very good tools that have a free membership and you can start using it today.

This tool is called auto responder and it is software, with this program you can create a registration form and install it on your website.

Every time someone logs in and signs up, they are added to your contact list or subscriber list.

Then you use it to send him a Newslater.

You can also use it to create a sales funnel for a quality product that you want to sell.

The strategy for many people to register on your list is to give something in return, be careful, it is not about giving garbage, remember that what you want is to have a future client.

Therefore, you have to give away something of quality, that is valuable and that can be used with good results.

In this post I will not be able to explain how it is done, but I will teach you all this in another article.

For now, the important thing is that you understand that there is a way to sell product info or whatever through an automated system called a sales funnel and this can be done with an auto responder.

What is copywriting and what is the benefit it brings to using it in my marketing strategy.

In the previous section we said that one of the most powerful strategies is e-mailmarketing.

But if we don’t apply this strategy in the right way, we won’t get the results we want.

This is where the ability to write to persuade comes into play.

We do not get anything out of getting thousands of emails for our list, if our emails are unable to sell.

This is not about bombarding our list with offers every day, trying to squeeze them to the fullest.

This is a romance, and the art of persuasion must be used.

An example is when we have liked someone, we do not go directly and say, look, I like you, would you give me a kiss?

Of course you will not get a kiss, and it is very likely that you will get a good slap, for clumsy.

On the other hand, if you give her a flower, treat her delicately, are kind, buy her chocolates, it is very certain that you will finally get what you want.

This is the same, and copywriting helps you use the correct words in the precise order, so that you can sell an idea in the most subtle way.

This is a topic for a complete article, which I will also include within the contents of this blog

This is not a blog to sell, however, I am going to have some great quality products that I know will help you grow as a marketer.

This is of course if you want to go faster and shorten the learning curve.

Well, I think I have covered 80 or 90% of the topics that are related to digital marketing.

I know I can contribute more in this article, but it is also important to comply with the content publication program.

One of the things I like to blog about is because it allows me to incorporate and enrich my content after I have published it.

And this loves Google.

I hope you liked this article, and it has also been very useful.

I suggest you bookmark this blog, because I am going to bring you very good content so that you can start making money online.

Leave a comment, share this content, with your favorite social networks.

A hug and much success.

Nestor Beltran.

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