How to Make Money Online, Super Affiliate System Review 2021: John Crestani Course 3.0

How to Make Money Online, Super Affiliate System Review 2021: John Crestani Course 3.0

By Chiranshu Monga March 29, 21

John Crestani Super Affiliate System - Success Or Not?  A detailed review

Many of you would have reviewed John Crestani’s work and also some pretty amazing YouTube videos. His work also mentions the  Super Affiliate System which has put one thought on everyone’s mind.

This John-run system was established in 2015 and has since released three new updates. Of course, there may be something great about this training course that has reached a stage where John has hundreds of students and the system is working for 5 years.

There are several questions present regarding this course. To summarize, let’s consider this course as a combination of several pieces of online training. Increase your work-from-home capabilities and improve your online business skills. But that is not enough!

Super Affiliate System Pro

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There are many interesting things in this Super Affiliate System course, and one thing is for sure, everything works accordingly and very well.

If someone wants to build a business base online, then there are many people who claim that this course can work wonders. But should a person buy a product with a thousand questions in mind?

Not at all.

That is why after analyzing and testing everything we have written, we reviewed the Super Affiliate System in detail with the appropriate information about what the course does, what its benefits and advantages are, these questions must be answered. To put all these thoughts in order, here is a clear review of the Super Affiliate System.

Super affiliate system Revision 3.0 in detail

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System course teaches you pretty much everything about what’s important in online business. How to write your ads on your own, how to do Youtube marketing, write your own ad copy, what is the concept behind marketing, and the steps to attract customers online.

It also provides a free template to get you started and also counts your trip from $ 0 to $ 700,000 a month. This course is a bit more advanced than the InternetJetset and is updated from time to time. Its new updates allow you to learn everything new and there is no place for outdated tactics.

This system has the ability to turn you into a Rockstar Entrepreneur in just a few weeks. From referenced landing pages and ads to John’s personal training and coaching, there’s data on it for everything. All a person has to do is make a note of everything they consider important in these modules.

The first weeks are spent learning the basics and understanding the basic model. They also teach about the mental stability needed to stay in business, set up tracking software, and how to create new offers.

The next few weeks are spent learning everything from the main traffic sources to optimization, scaling, and ways to outsource labor. With grueling training and utmost dedication, the product guarantees effective results and all it takes is effort.

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But first,

😕 Who is John Crestani and what are his achievements? 

John Crestani is a popular name in the affiliate industry and has trained many students to start their own affiliate marketing businesses.

After going through a thousand failures and a dead 9-5 job, he made his own identity by creating an affiliate marketing 2.0 system. and now updated to version 3.0 of your course.

It linked ‘InternetJetset’ and ‘Super Affiliate System’ and made its meaning together. Now you wonder what these two are about and how they make sense.

The term InternetJetset is given to an affiliate marketing training course. It details you how to start an online business on your own and this program is great for beginners who have no idea about the online business industry.

John Crestani Super Affiliate System is a bit more advanced compared to the InternetJetset course and is a paid program. They both have some similarities and work in the same direction, but it still makes a difference.

Here we have finished with the review of John Crestani and his achievements, let’s move on to the course and its modules. This course is also known as SAS.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 modules review

1. A basic introduction

Of course, the course begins with a brief description of what the future will be like. They explain the importance of setting a goal, setting up your website, setting up the pre-sale page, using Facebook ads to your advantage, and how to work with an affiliate network.

A student begins to understand the details and the importance of moving forward step by step. They want to guide in a way that, after the required weeks, they are a professional who can fend for themselves. Then they go on to say it’s going to be in the next few weeks and it says:

  • Week 1: Configure the system precisely.
  • 2nd week: Understand the system in detail.
  • Week 3: Marketing Skills and How to Excel at Them.
  • 4th week: Facebook and Google Ads management.
  • 5th week: Learning about YouTube and native ads.
  • 6th week: How to do scaling and automation.

2. Advertising campaigns

With dedicated Ready to Launch templates, you learn just about everything you need to design and configure your own campaign. They get to know landing pages, audience targeting, best ways and offers to promote, affiliate ads, and much more. This helps to understand the importance of advertising and how crucial it is to an online business.

3. Community and networks

There is a private group created especially for the super affiliate members. Access is only provided to students present in the group. In this group, there are new course updates, answers to questions, and group discussions. This fuels creativity and brainstorming to a whole new degree.

In this way, different ideologies are also known. John also shares various things about the group and the alumni also post their success stories. Check out the super affiliate members explaining their gratitude!

John Crestani Super Affiliate System - Success Or Not?  A detailed review

4. Live group coaching training

John makes sure that students learn everything through any medium. Hold webinars for a 2-3 hour period each week on Fridays at 3:00 pm

Students enjoy these sessions like nothing else and there are unexpected and fun moments that make the session quite interactive and fun. He is quite active and enthusiastic in those sessions and guides everyone appropriately.

What is the SAS course curriculum?

The curriculum consists of everything from PDF files to video tutorials and everything in between up to about 50 hours of content. There are 42 informational videos and 34 Show-Me-How videos that provide a step-by-step guide on how to achieve super affiliate status.

All these videos are recorded in high quality and in a detailed manner so that nothing is left behind. There is a suitable published plan to start a home business anywhere in the world without any hassle.

With this data and live webinars, there is no chance that anything will be missed or one person will not get results. There are also some resources that have proven to be very effective:

1. Buyers’ details

The buyer list based on certain products will help to identify the target customers who mostly want to buy the item. Everything here is magical and works in a way that no one can imagine.

2. Pre-sale pages

There is no need to code at all and if someone doesn’t know, you can always stay stress-free. These landing pages will help you win customers from day one.

3. Advertising templates

John knows what hard work is like and wants to save his students time with things that are not entirely essential. Therefore, there are advertising templates that are already present and a person can access them at any time depending on their niche. These templates are quite diversified in terms of industries and a person only needs to drag and drop each ad.

4. VIP pass to affiliate networks

John has already signed agreements in a way that will help his students. A person can contact them and join their initiatives. It’s like having a backstage pass to the best events in the world.

5. Access to the affiliate community

You get what the community is talking about and understand the important factors of a business. Everything you learn in this community drives a business like anything else and helps you get some big pieces, too. It is a win-win situation.

6. Weekly live coaching sessions

As mentioned above, John attends webinars every Friday at 3 pm where he provides all the important details needed to grow a business. With these sessions, John accompanies his students during all the weeks of the training and guides them with the best ideas.

This is the most crucial element of the curse and above all the details, this one is at the top. Take proper notes on these sessions as they are very information-rich.

How do the weekly trainings work?

Week 1: Configuration

In this week, one learns:

  • How to make the first commission on the new business.
  • Get approval from the first affiliate networks and start with the commission.
  • When setting up ads and pre-sale pages in conjunction with affiliate links, you don’t need to have any experience with it.
  • Setting up Facebook ads that attract a large audience.
  • Take advantage of affiliate networks and representatives so that there is an opportunity to work with them.

Week 2: Choose the niche

  • Creating the right mindset and helping to be successful even if a person has no prior business experience.
  • Find out the niche and affiliate offers that will work best based on your requirements.
  • Choose an ad network to specialize in.
  • Creating great competitive advantages for someone who is an online marketer.

Week 3: Advanced Marketing Skills

  • Mastering a person in copywriting and how they can write profitable headlines for your website.
  • 5 key points to have a profitable pre-sale page.
  • How to land on people’s minds and convince them to buy the product.
  • A 17-Step Copywriting Method That Works.
  • Advanced optimization techniques that will help affiliate campaigns go from just taking a couple of breaks to big profits.

Week 4: Advertising on Facebook and Google

  • Generating Facebook Campaigns that generate a great ROI and generate clickthroughs.
  • Understand all the different advertising metrics so you can navigate your way to profitability.
  • Comply with the Facebook complex and its ever-changing policies so that no ad accounts are closed.
  • Take advantage of Google ad networks to generate sales and clicks for presale pages.

Week 5: YouTube and native advertising

  • Set up Youtube ads to get penny clicks and quickly scale to profitability.
  • Secrets behind profitable Facebook ads.
  • Structure advertising campaigns effectively.
  • Use of a click tracker for more advanced optimization in advertising campaigns.
  • What is native advertising and how can it be used in a way like Taboola, MGID, and Outbrain do to drive the affiliate marketing business?

Week 6: Scaling and Automation

  • $ 240,000 Solar Campaign Case Study.
  • Use survey funnels to boost Facebook conversion rates.
  • Hiring and managing media buyers and creating an organization with affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • Scale affiliate campaigns from $ 1000 in one day to earnings of $ 20,000 every day.

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Who is it for?

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System course is aimed at people who want to advance in the online sector and start their journey with their own businesses. It helps them fulfill their dreams from a dollar to hundreds of them.

From 18 to 80, this course is available to everyone and there are no bars or criteria. But this does not mean that people with little experience learn nothing. There is much more to the course than just learning.

The program has quite a few subcategories. It is divided so that you practically understand everything and can call yourself a professional affiliate marketer after 6 weeks. A grueling workout that runs for two hours a day, this course makes you super prepared and confident enough to keep going.

John guarantees effective results within the first two hours of your business, and believe me, this is no small compromise. Hundreds of people have tested these results.

Many may think how this is possible, but if you really dedicate yourself to this training, it is definitely possible. Understand that he too comes from zero origins, and if he’s been enhanced that well, he can help you get there too.

Watch this video and find out why John recommends affiliate marketing for beginners:

Many affiliate marketing events are happening around the world and from those events, we can learn more about affiliate marketing. Affiliate World Asia is a # 1 conference held in Bangkok every year in December.

What does a person get for $ 997?

Super affiliate system price

Initially costing around $ 5,000, this product currently sells for $ 997. There are many things a person gets for the price, these are:

  • Instant access to John’s course on paid advertising. These are all PRO category products.
  • Learn how to create an online business directly from scratch without any prior experience.
  • By testing and using John’s money, a person gains access to his strategies and methodologies on how to run a successful ad campaign.
  • The best tools available at your fingertips to improve speed and not let technology knock anything down. They do the above things for their students so they can focus on other important things.
  • The permanent support of the community of the super affiliate system and a student gets great values ​​from the people present in the group. There are people who have a very similar mentality and are willing to develop their businesses.
  • Creative, supportive, and trusted destination for sharing personal ideas and inspiration. Sometimes students need support and guidance to give their ideas the correct vision, and this course does it for them.

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Pros and cons of the Super Affiliate System course

The product has many advantages in my opinion, such as:


  • A great course for beginners.
  • You learn everything according to trends.
  • You have an improv option.
  • John himself organizes webinars.


  • Some time.

Pros in detail

1. A great course for beginners:

A beginner joins a course out of fear that it will produce the desired results. They hope everything comes in one package and is easy to follow and YES! This product can help you learn a lot of things that some don’t even know. Additional learning content is also available at the end of the detailed course.

The Internet is a constantly changing platform. What is news one day goes out of style and the other is boring? In this case, everyone feels that their investment is neither wasted nor worthless. Regardless of what you learn in class, if it gets out of date, you’ll get new updates so you can keep up with the latest trends. This is also one of the factors that differentiate this course from the InternetJetset.

3. You have an improvisation option:

John Crestani’s content is very rich and qualitative. Learning is much more than you imagine. With this, you can also create your own internet marketing technique if you think it can work.

There is no force or pressure on you to learn only what is taught. You have space where you can use your creativity and discover new techniques.

4. John himself organizes webinars:

You may have also read previously that John hosts webinars every Friday. But those webinars aren’t just about learning and listening. It makes sure that these classes are not just classes, but also interactive sessions. John listens to their suggestions, problems, and confusion.

John considers everyone’s creativity and also helps them improve. You know that you are not just a guide or mentor, but have also been through this phase and understand the importance of creativity.

Cons in detail

1. A little time:

This whole course takes a little time and requires a lot of effort to continue. A person definitely has to be dedicated, but it is worth all the effort. It takes 6 grueling weeks with maximum concentration to continue the course.

What do the testimonials say about Super Affiliate System 3.0?

Super affiliate system testimonial test

The testimonials present both on the website and in the forum state how the product came out as a true savior of them.

Some reviews claim how practically the techniques in this course made up the first day of your business and helped you make huge profits. One marketing student even earned a lot from Romney after this course that helped pay for tuition.

Also, the students appreciate John’s efforts and how he has figured it all out for his students so they get up without worry. Their expectations have never lowered and the profit has helped them increase their life expectancy.

In general, there are hardly any testimonials stating that the product is not good.

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Conclusion for the Super Affiliate System Review

What I believe is that the course is nothing short of a blast. In 6 weeks, you learn everything you need for online business operations. John promises that only after 2 hours of starting the online business, a person can earn a large amount of money, and yes, that can be true.

You can earn hundreds of dollars right now if you know how to set everything up correctly. One learns everything practical and usable in this class. In fact, they have observed that those who are not very attentive and active during classes have not been able to prove themselves in their business.

If there is the will and maximum dedication to ascend, then there is no possibility that a person will not get great benefits.

Is Super Affiliate System worth the money? 💵

Lastly, after completing the Super Affiliate System review above, here comes the most important question: is the course worth the money? The course is not a cheap alternative, it costs you a whopping $ 997.

But let me tell you, it’s worth the amount. Not only does John teach you online business tactics and everything, but he also gives you a clear, detailed overview of the process. You get to know almost all the possible techniques to boost the business and that’s not all, you also have the space to create your own.

It totally deserves the hype and the money as it brings very effective profit and is not just a short term deal but a long term beneficiary. It is truly a John Crestani recommended course and one should go ahead a thousand percent for such excellent learning.


Is Super Affiliate System worth the money?

The Super Affiliate System costs $ 997 and is really worth every penny.

What is the duration of the Super Affiliate System course?

The course is a 6-week detailed training with detailed learning of each element.

Is Super Affiliate System worth the money?

Yes, it is worth the money and you get the right results with proper practice.

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