Tips for Successful Smart Automation


The age of digital disruption has come and is changing the way businesses operate and processes around the world. 

So, how do businesses that are located in Latin America maintain and increase their competitiveness? The first thing you need to do is be able to react to opportunities as fast as they appear. According to Marc Benioff, President and CEO of Salesforce declare: “Speed is the new currency of business.”


According to Rubén Sánchez, LATAM regional director of Extreme Networks, the competition is no longer outmatched by having a better product, lower prices, or talent. 

These factors are still very important, but to win, you need an agile architecture that helps you spot the next big wave of technologies and take advantage of them faster than your competitors. It is not just the survival of the fittest, it is the revival of the fastest.

Efficient and agile IT infrastructures for Digital Transformation

To compete with digital leaders, you need an IT infrastructure that helps you operate as an agile and efficient business while providing a high quality of service across all channels. 

The technology building blocks of a digital organization, such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and mobility, are actually all network-centric. If the network is slow, it will stop your digital transformation. However, the right network in conjunction with Smart Automation will propel you forward and help you thrive.

Thus, digital takes the first place. 

Companies like Uber and Airbnb set the pace for the modern, collaborative economy. These companies are achieving a minimum of 26% profit and large market capitalizations. Digital transformation enables companies to acquire new customers and gain access at a pace that could not have been possible a few years ago.

The three essential elements of Intelligent Automation

For the representative of Extreme, the era of digital transformation is here. 

Research shows that half of all Global 2000 companies will go through a digital transformation by 2020 with the goal of achieving greater IT agility and efficiency. 

You can speed up your own journey with the three essentials of Intelligent Automation that we recommend at Extreme Networks, he says.

  1. Automation:  Integrate your technologies with the operational processes of your business to create intelligent services and customize automation policies.
  2. Visibility:  Use tools from your data center (infrastructure, technology and culture) to gather intelligence in real time and incorporate it into your automation workflows.
  3. Flexible platforms:  Deploy a network built for speed, agility, and scalability with ease.

Top tips for a successful automation strategy:

ü   Information based on data

This means getting real-time visibility and analytical data of the entire infrastructure, including cloud, compute, application, and storage layers, as well as the network. 

While most organizations already have tools to monitor the different domains, they are rarely consolidated and unfortunately create silos of information.

ü   Applying Intelligence

Now that you have obtained the information, the intelligence can be applied. This includes evaluating the impact of actions and planning to ensure that they do not cause problems to exist systems and that they are within company policies before executing them. 

Visibility and analysis of your infrastructure are vital for success. With this data, you can ensure that the result of your automation is as expected.

ü   Flexible platforms for network visibility

Having a programmable network infrastructure is a critical step in setting the path to true automation and operational agility.

 State-of-the-art SLX switching is specially designed for automation and will provide the visibility you need to improve operational agility and efficiency.

ü   “Open” for higher speed

Complete, integrated solutions are great today, but they can limit your speed of innovation. Open solutions improve flexibility and are backed by a large pool of developers who can help you close any skills gaps in the short term.

ü   Culture evolves

Move away from traditional methods to take a more open, collaborative, and mindful approach to business.

ü   Start today and evolve tomorrow

It is better to start now. Ready-to-use solutions can help you today, without the need for specialized skills. 

Once you see what you can achieve, you will have the confidence to customize and extend automation across your entire IT infrastructure.

A leap into the golden age of automation

In this way, the time has come for organizations that are willing to embrace change. And the opportunities are practically endless. 

With DevOps-inspired tools to automate everyday tasks, you now have the opportunity to create an early advantage over your competitors.

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