What are the 8 keys to reevaluating the digital marketing plan?

What are the 8 keys to reevaluate the digital marketing plan

Analyzing the competition, setting objectives, working with data, are just some of the issues to be able to have a correct digital communication strategy. But only one is the most important: knowing yourself. 

What are the 8 keys to reevaluate the digital marketing plan

Facing the end of the year in which digital purchases take center stage, SMEs must ensure that each of the pillars that support them works perfectly to be able to keep up with the new demands and meet the demands of their customers.

Having a digital strategy is a fundamental aspect that took on vital importance due to the context of the pandemic and to which each of the companies must pay special attention.

Roberto Mansilla, Marketing Manager at Snoop Consulting, highlighted for SMEs at A24.com which are the 8 fundamental aspects to take into account when starting a digital marketing plan and, above all, when re-evaluating one that already exists and does not show the best results:

1. Know your company

First of all, it is important to know who we are: what we sell; or better, what is our value proposition. In short: what we offer and what makes us unique.

It is also very important that these definitions are agreed upon by everyone who works with you . There are agile and participatory work dynamics that allow everyone to reach a definition.

2. Analyze your competition

To have a differential value proposition, it is clear that you must also know your competition.

Let us bear in mind that defining who our competition is is also a way of defining ourselves. Furthermore, we can also learn a lot from them.

3. How are you going to tell the story?

A classic example explains this point: when he introduced the iPodSteve Jobs did not say: “I have an MP3 player with much more space than the others offer”, he said: “you will be able to take all your music anywhere”.

4. Where are you going to tell this story

You don’t have to be on social media just for the sake of it, much less on all of them. You have to be where the people we need to listen to us are.

5. Define an action plan

It is obvious, in addition to thinking and defining, you have to move on to concrete actions, define an action plan.

This plan should detail the activities to be carried out, the people involved, and responsible for carrying them out, runtimes, format types, KPIs, etc .

6. Set goals

This allows defining the north of the company and helps all members of the organization work to achieve what was planned. In digital marketing these objectives are often called KPIs, which is nothing more than a performance indicator.

7. Analytics

Once you have carried out the actions, it is essential to measure absolutely all the results obtained during the campaigns.

8. Correct, improve:

In digital marketing, everything is trial and error. The expected results are not always achieved the first time. The important thing is to remember that change is constant. For this, it is essential to make permanent improvements.

“Faced with a digital world that gave rise to a client that demands speed, transparency, and efficiency, it is essential to have the best tools, but above all with a clear, proper, and honest strategy in which the entire company can work. Because worse than being lost is not knowing that we are, ” Mansilla concludes.

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