What Is The power of email marketing to build new and close relationships


The mass mailing has been underestimated for a long time, however, in recent years it has been claimed and discovered the full potential of this advertising strategy, the potential that goes far beyond pure sales and that is positioned as a magnificent alternative to generate a closer relationship between the brand, customers, suppliers, and others

email marketing to build close relationships

Proper email marketing management can translate into many advantages with the option of focusing the strategy based on different objectives. You can, for example, promote a new product, encourage purchase through special offers, provide information of interest about the brand and generate loyalty. Hence the importance of developing a strategy based on the target audience and specific goals. With proper management, mass mailing offers incredible results for a minimum investment, not in vain, it is the strategy that has the best relationship based on cost and results.

The importance of email marketing for the B2B service

Email marketing campaigns can focus on developing close relationships, both with customers and with other companies and suppliers, hence its use is increasingly common to build close relationships, such as B2B email marketing. Generating what is known as engagement, rapprochement or loyalty generation, is much simpler thanks to the use of tools such as email marketing.

The reasons? To begin with, it is an element that facilitates the creation of relationships, for the simple fact that it allows a closer interaction. Of course, for this, it is essential to create powerful, creative advertising strategies or campaigns that respond to the reader’s questions, which is why it is important to make an exhaustive classification of the target audience.

The possibility of adapting each of the emails to the clients who receive them in their inboxes, without a doubt, is the main advantage of this strategy. The objective is other companies or professionals with whom we also wish to establish a close and trusting relationship. In the case of B2B, there may be many objectives to be determined, but in general, the message is focused on strengthening the commercial relationship between the different parties.

Here we share with you some of the most outstanding advantages of email marketing for B2B :

  • Strengthen relationships : as we discussed earlier, this is the main objective of email marketing for B2B, to strengthen the business relationship, make it much more stable and lasting. For this, it is essential to generate trust and reciprocity between the different parties involved, so that email is an inexpensive and less intrusive means compared to calling by phone, to solve problems, present special offers and much more.
  • Brand credibility : Another important advantage of email marketing for B2B is that it enhances the credibility of the brand. In this sense, by regularly sending information about the brand, products and services, the feeling of being in front of a transparent company is generated; which affects the brand image of customers. This aspect is also key to generating brand loyalty.
  • Return on investment : beyond the objective of an email marketing campaign, if it is managed properly, the return on investment is significant. In fact, it is such a powerful strategy that it is estimated that for every euro invested, the return is estimated at 40 euros.

Keys to successful email marketing strategies

As we discussed earlier, the email marketing strategy is versatile and extremely successful, but for this, it is essential to manage it correctly because otherwise, you will not achieve the objective, which is to capture the attention of those specific customers.

Regardless of the objective: B2B, C2C, product promotion, small market studies, you are interested in capturing the customer’s attention and making them click on the email and not pass them by.

To do this, you must consider the following aspects:

  • Segmentation: this aspect is key for any type of strategy that you are going to develop. The more and better segmented your audience is, the better, because you will be able to create more personalized and specific messages, key aspects to achieve the objectives.
  • Right tools : using the right mailing tools will help you achieve your goals more easily. In this sense, you must use specific platforms for sending mass emails; And within the available options, you should opt for those that offer a better value for money, depending on the number of daily emails, templates to optimize messages and many other things.
  • Establish the objectives: what is the objective? Generate brand loyalty, promote a new product or service? Who is it for? All these questions are key to establishing objectives, and based on this, generating a coherent and attractive message.
  • Message : it must always be respectful, in accordance with the brand image, and at the same time attractive. You must develop a message that generates curiosity, that answers the reader’s question and that provides added value. This aspect is very important so that the reader ends up taking the action we want (buy, go to the blog, social networks, answer a survey, etc.)
  • Engaging content – Content should not only be interesting, it should look so too. Although the message must be respectful, it must also be close, friendly and written in a way that generates curiosity in the reader. In this sense, remember to put special emphasis on the development of the title, because this way you have a few seconds to capture the user’s attention. The title is key for the user to decide to dedicate a few seconds or minutes of their time to your message.
  • Monitoring : it is important to monitor the results to know if the campaign is meeting the objectives or not. Hence the importance of using a suitable mailing tool to facilitate this monitoring process.

The email marketing strategy is very effective for selling and also for generating closer relationships with clients, professionals, and other companies. The most important thing is to use the appropriate tools and generate a campaign attached to the objectives to achieve the proposed goals.

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