What you need to know to create a blog to generate money

What you need to know to create a blog to generate money
create a blog
create a blog
Surely you have thought about starting a blog, but you don’t know how to do it. This is the exact site where you will learn everything to have a successful blog with high traffic.

The idea of ​​creating a blog that allows you to create a digital business and generate passive income month after month 100% online and on automatic pilot is still attractive.

If you are reading these first paragraphs, I have the bad news that you are on the right track to start on the right foot in the fascinating world of making money and Internet business.

For this reason, I suggest that you bookmark this blog where you have it within reach, since I am going to fill it with quality content and everything for you to start amassing a good monthly income, allowing you to live what you want most.

Have financial freedom and time freedom.

Do you like the idea?

Well, then let’s get to work, I have a lot of work to create this content that will surely help you enormously.

How to create a blog to earn money and create a passive income and an active and scalable business over time.

There is a lot of cloth to cut here, but I will not make the mistake of creating irrelevant content and each topic will go in depth so that you can apply and learn.

In this section we will see everything that has to do with the strategy of making money with a blog or a web page, well actually a blog, it is a web page but the difference is that it works like a blog where the contents are displayed by chronological order of publication, in addition to having a series of tools that make it much more effective.

You will choose the niche, but I will explain that to you in content that I already have ready and I will publish a day after you read this, therefore it will follow the logical sequence so that you can learn this in a certain way 100% effective.

We will start by defining what a Blog is.

The idea is that it takes you by the hand through the whole process so that you can create a quality and optimized blog so that you can generate income.

A blog is nothing other than a web page, but with the exception that its contents are not static pages and the visitor can interact with it, doing some type of action, such as, share, comment, buy, leave their data on a registration page, and so on.

A blog is a very powerful tool for digital marketing, because it allows you to position yourself as an authority in the niche you are developing.

If you are a health professional, a therapist, a coach, a digital marketing expert, a motivator, a system developer, a social manager, etc. A blog will help you find clients who need your services.

A blog can not only be used as a tool to get more clients, you can also generate passive income without having to sell anything.

But little by little we will introduce ourselves more specifically on the subject. The important thing is that in this post I am going to give you all the general information regarding everything that has to do with the creation of blogs and web pages.

Now we will define what a web page is. In general, a web page is composed of several static pages that work independently of each other, you can also group them in an intelligent way, but the way to do this is different from that of a blog.

Commonly, a web page is oriented to show the institutional profile of a company and only provides important information about it.

This means that they are not very good in the sense of attracting traffic since as a concept they are not designed to add value to the visitor, but rather the objective is to inform about everything that concerns as a company.

Currently, it is extremely easy to create a blog or a website, because there are platforms to make this process very simple.

These are some of the best free blogging platforms.

We have many platforms that allow you to create free blogs, including the most famous and not to say the best, Blogger.com, we also have wordpress.com, wix.com, medium.com, Tumblr.com, overblog.com, obolog.com, etc., I could continue adding more platforms to the list, but it is not necessary since I am going to write a post, where I will touch on this topic in greater depth.

The best option is to create a blog with your own domain.

If someone asks what is better, having a free blog or one with your own domain and paid hosting ( Bluehost , Banahost ) , my answer is much better one with your own domain.

A free blog is simply not yours and you are exposed to having it removed at any time, and they are technically limited. For this reason when they ask me for advice on this issue, I suggest that they buy a domain and hire a hosting.

There are many Hosting platforms where you can buy your domain and hire the hosting. I recommend that the domain always be separated from the hosting, for security. The important thing is that they choose a good hosting platform that is of the best quality and at an affordable price.

All these topics are covered and I will be publishing content where I teach you to buy a domain for less than 0.5 dollars and a very cheap quality hosting where you can host unlimited domains.

Essential tools for creating a blog.

As I mentioned before, we need some tools to create our blog, these are:


We are going to define very briefly what a domain is. It’s like your home address and it’s unique so every time a visitor clicks they will take them to your site and not to another.


It is the platform where you are going to host your domain and create your blog or website. On this platform you can create your blog in a very simple way using a tool that allows you to install the entire wordpress program with a single click.

In this article I recommend three of the cheapest hosting for you to start your business.


They are little programs that you install inside your blog that allow you to carry out specific tasks and processes that help your blog work correctly and without problems.

If you want to learn how to create a blog with WordPress in 3 steps, you should consult by clicking here on this link. .

Some examples of plugins are Yoast seo, which helps you optimize your seo on page to get your pages to have visibility and organic traffic.

But now I am not going to delve into this topic, because I will make one where I will indicate the plugins that you are going to have to install on your blog and you will also have a detailed description of how to configure them correctly so that your blog works in the best way.

Auto responder.

If you are going to dedicate yourself to affiliate marketing or your blog is the type of personal brand where you are going to make yourself known as an expert in personal growth and give advice, then you will have to have an auto responder so that you can start building a list of subscribers interested in what you develop.

The procedure to get these people to register on your list is very simple, you must install a subscription form on your blog. It is ideal that you encourage your visitors to leave their data by giving them something of value. It could be a report, a free training, or a mini video course.

If you do this, you will be building a profitable and sustainable business over time.

How to create a blog and monetize it effectively.

Many ask me: Nestor, how can I make a blog about a topic that I like and earn money at the same time?

This is a very good question, but I can’t answer it in 10 lines.

What I can do is guide you in the best way.

We can all create a blog and monetize it, that is not a problem, it is easy and simple.

The tricky thing is, make these monetization tools work and generate money for you.

The first problem a novice blogger encounters is with organic traffic generation.

And the reason is very simple, it does not know how to generate search engine traffic, which comes from keyword searches on Google.

For this it is very important to understand that it is not enough just to write posts or articles and publish them.

It is necessary to learn to use tools that help you optimize your entries according to the search algorithms that Google uses, this is a very important issue to which we must dedicate time, to achieve rank in the first places in Google and other search engines.

There are many ways to monetize blogs, among them are.

Google Adsense.

Affiliate Marketing.

Sell ​​advertising space.

Marketing CPA, etc.

However, you can make a lot of money with a blog if you apply the correct techniques, strategies and procedures from the beginning to create a quality and well-optimized blog.

This blog teaches you everything you need to achieve this goal.

I will be writing a complete guide on how to use this tool correctly, and some strategies to make it an email collecting machine.

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