Why choose SAAS for SMEs?

Why choose SAAS for SMEs

Why the use software in the cloud, or SAAS ?

In Latin America, Why the use software in the cloud? the number of small and medium-sized companies has been constantly growing, and one of the reasons is the use of software in the cloud, or SAAS, which has allowed them to expand and enter the competition. In the market, there are many options and with different purposes, therefore, if you are starting your business, you may wonder what are the advantages of a SAAS for my SME? Are they really necessary? And which ones are the best on the market?

Why choose SAAS for SMEs

What are SAAS?

SAAS, or Software as a Service, is a service hosted in the cloud that we can easily access through our web browser, without the need to install any program on our devices. There are many types, but their objective is to simplify or automate our processes and tasks, increasing our productivity and efficiency with it. In general, they have a monthly or annual subscription model, unlike licensed software. 

Advantages of cloud software

Because it is a structure hosted in the cloud, instead of a program installed on our device, we find several advantages in them:

  • No installation or configuration required. To access the tool we only need to open the page in our browser. This makes it easy for all employees to access the tool without cumbersome processes. Conventional software takes time to install on all devices and also needs to be configured, updated, and so on.
  • Updates and troubleshooting are the responsibility of the service. Being hosted in the cloud, it is the company who is in charge of troubleshooting and making the necessary updates. Our company is only responsible for using the tool, so we do not need to hire someone to maintain the system.
  • The information synchronization is automatic. All workers can access the same information at the time, no matter where in the world they are.
  • Accessing state-of-the-art software can be very expensive, and not just any startup can afford multiple licenses. But, with a SAAS you can have modern platforms, with the latest technology, and at an affordable price.
  • They help you digitize your business and keep all your data safe in the cloud. Not only does it allow employees to work from anywhere, but all activity and progress is secured.
  • Many software have free versions or trials, allowing you to use the system, test it, and familiarize yourself with it before subscribing. 

Deciding which cloud software is best for your company requires an analysis of the needs you have, and which processes require automation or digitization. Each company has different needs, so we cannot say exactly which SAAS is the most suitable. However, we can mention some systems that have become popular among SMEs for their benefits:

Marketing and sales campaigns

If you need sales and marketing software, you can choose HubSpot or Shopify. HubSpot is a very complete marketing and sales management system with detailed statistics of each process; while Shopify allows you to create and manage an online store from start to finish. 

If you are interested in managing your email contact list and email advertising campaigns, then you can choose MailChimp or Mailify. Both have marketing and email marketing tools where you can design your campaigns and verify the impact they have. 


Customer service is one of the priorities of any business. To improve the experience of your customers you can use HubSpot or ZenDesk. Both platforms allow you to create and personalize a friendly and efficient experience, capable of improving communication between both parties and providing quick solutions to all clients. 


To automate billing, we recommend Facturama, a friendly and intuitive online billing program. It allows you to create all kinds of vouchers in just minutes, and it is always updated with the latest SAT requirements. This allows you to simplify the entire process and you can comply with tax obligations without problems. In addition, you can also perform the payroll stamp directly from the platform.

Group communication

To improve communication in workgroups you can use Slack, Google Chat, or Microsoft Teams. They have a fluid interface that facilitates communication and transparency, allowing everyone to have quick access to information. They are more efficient and secure than using traditional email. 

Social media management and content creation

Organizing and managing social media can be a lot of work. To simplify the tasks you can use Buffer, a platform that helps you find your audience, make it grow, and strengthen it. It offers you different statistics to better understand the performance of your networks and engagement. 

Another essential factor is the creation of content from the networks, and the most popular platform in this regard is undoubtedly Canva. With free and paid visual resources, you can find templates and easily design any image, post, status, video, and more. 

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