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How to make money without selling with CPA affiliate networks.


I do not know if you have heard that you can make money without selling anything

This is true and you can literally make a ton of money in no time using advanced techniques and strategies from the most experienced marketers.


Hello, my name is Nestor, and I am very happy that you are reading this content.

Affiliate marketing cpa, is a cousin of traditional affiliate marketing , where you sell both digital products and tangible products; clothes, shoes, telephones, tents, juicers, kitchens, etc.

Dear reader, in this post you will discover:

  • Because affiliate marketing CPA is one of the best internet businesses
  • What are its pros and cons, and difficulty in developing it.
  • Skills, knowledge and competencies that you must acquire in order to be successful.
  • Finally, because despite not having to sell anything, that does not mean that it is easy to do it and that you will get rich in a flight of birds.

The first thing we will do is define what cpa marketing is.

CPA marketing is nothing more than a type of affiliate marketing, which itself has many similarities, but which in turn is a bit different.

Affiliate marketing cpa or cost per action, is a system where large companies such as Coca Cola, insurance companies, financial companies, supermarket chains, mobile phones, invest amounts of money so that their products are promoted by affiliates.

With pears and apples, for example, the Walmart company wants to increase its sales, but needs to attract new potential customers.

Then, this company launches an offer where, each person who registers in a form with their name and email, enters a draw for a Gift card.

The person who wins will receive a $ 500 Gift card.

Another way is that you give away a discount coupon in exchange for your contact details.

Companies pay for you to capture interested prospects

To launch this offer, the company hires the services of a cpa affiliate network.

Then the affiliates, which are us, take this offer and promote it on social networks, YouTube, on blogs, or by advertising paid.

In itself, we are not selling anything, we are only promoting the offer so that people leave their email and their name, that is, we are getting leads for that company and for that they pay us.

This is called cost per action, since the cpa company will pay you a commission for each registration you achieve.

This commission can go from 0.5 to 2 or 3 dollars per registration.

There are offers that pay you hundreds of dollars for an email and a name, usually they are offers from law firms, bank loans, or insurance companies.

You are probably thinking that 0.5 to 3 dollars is very little, but the truth is that when you learn to promote these offers, you could generate several hundred dollars per day and in some cases thousands.

Welcome friend to the world of the CPA.

A world that has made many millionaires on the Anglo side, but that in Latin America is still unknown by many and practiced by very few, but those few are making real fortunes.

Why cpa marketing is a great business to make a lot of money?

If you want to start a business based on cpa marketing, you must read this entire post.

The cpa is without a doubt, playing in the major leagues of affiliate marketing.

Curiously, many think that by not selling anything, the matter will be easier.

That is not so, cpa marketing is a lucrative business for those who take it as a profession.

If you enter this world just to see what happens, what I can assure you by hitting the target 100% is that nothing will happen.

It is a business that can fill your pockets with money, as long as you are willing to learn to do things the right way.

Literally, if you learn to apply the correct strategies, today you could be starting a campaign and within a week you would be harvesting hundreds of dollars a day

This I tell you not with the intention of impressing you, but so that you understand the potential of online business that is hidden in cpa marketing.

For many entrepreneurs, making money with cpa is a daily routine.

They get up, check their tracking and statistics systems, make the necessary corrections, and then spend time with their family and do what they love.

Meanwhile, the cash register goes ring, ring, all the time.

I still consider myself a novice at this CPA, but compared to others, I might as well be an expert.

One of the virtues of cpa marketing is that you have tons of networks with which you can work and generate income.

Of the amount of offers to promote, not to mention.

We could well find Thousands of different niches and companies.

I assure you, that for offers you are not going to be short.

Advantages and defects of this business model to earn money online.

Virtues of this affiliate marketing modality.

You don’t have to sell to generate income.

2. You have thousands of offers from different niches to promote.

3.In some cases you don’t need a website to promote.

4.You can often use direct link.

5. There are many strategies to work and generate income, there are some that are very simple to implement and others more complex.

6. You do not have to pay anything to have the right to promote the offers.

Defects or cons that marketing Cpa has.

1.The offers are not perennial, they can be active for well-determined periods of time, therefore you have to be alert, especially if you are paying for advertising.

2. You must be very careful when promoting these offers and make sure you know what is allowed and what is not.

3. Most of the networks have a very strict affiliate recruitment system and the application to the network is not always opposed.

4. Most pay every 30 days and require a minimum production to be able to pay you, for example, $ 100.

5. It is imperative that you use a tracking software in order to know exactly where the conversions are coming from.

This is essential if you are paying for traffic in order to optimize it.

The idea is that the investment you make produces an ROI, positive and the bigger the better.

This is accomplished by trial and error.

What are the most common difficulties or mistakes that prevent CPA marketing from being applied correctly

The biggest mistake is believing that because you are not selling anything, it is easy to do so.

This is a lie, this one does not work and it is impossible to make money with this business model.

These are the most common statements of people who believed that it was as easy as taking the link and pasting it everywhere and now, wait for the commissions to start to fall.

The first thing we must understand is that the difficulties are there to overcome them.

It is our natural way of growing in wisdom and skill.

Do not avoid difficulties, face and solve, so you will become an expert

One of the difficulties is the lack of experience in using the tools.

This difficulty is easily overcome by researching, learning and applying.

Saying I don’t know how to do this is just an excuse, a way to justify your laziness and lack of proactivity.

On the internet, there is all the information if you want to train yourself.

Now you do have the resources, I suggest you buy a course, but a good one, that teaches you how to earn money effectively.

Another big mistake that many make is not measuring their results.

This can be very dangerous, especially if you are paying for traffic to your offers and wasting time if you are applying free traffic strategies.

Another great difficulty is the generation of traffic.

In CPA marketing, the generation of massive and quality traffic is the most important thing.

In any internet business, traffic is the blood.

Without traffic, there are no visits, without visits there are no conversions or customers.

I insist again, if you do not know how to generate traffic, on Google and YouTube, you can find tons of information on how to achieve it and if you have money, buy a course.

Knowledge, skills and competencies to earn money with CPA

There are 3 myths that we must eliminate from our mind.

That you can earn a lot of money doing nothing.

It is a lie that you can earn money online

That all online businesses are scams.

If you really want to be successful in this business, you have to eliminate these fallacies.

One of the most important factors in this business is knowledge.

This knowledge can be found on the internet, there is a lot of information about it, with which you can start.

Once you have learned something, this you have to transform it into practical knowledge.

Knowledge is power

I mean you have to apply it and start practicing until after a lot of trial and error, it becomes a skill.

For example, a strategy or method to generate income with cpa, becomes a skill when you know what you have to do to get results.

Finally when you get really good at any of those skills, then we are getting to the level of being proficient.

There are many disciplines that you must master in affiliate marketing, to give you a brushstroke, these are:



Capture page creation.

Natural organic traffic “SEO”

Email marketing



Keyword tools.

Tracking and statistics tools.

Learn how to do paid traffic.

And a lot of other things that are necessary to start being successful at affiliate marketing.

Each topic that I mentioned above, gives to do a course, because they are very deep.

I know all this information might seem overwhelming, however it is what it is.

Anyone who tells you that with cpa marketing, you are going to make easy money without having to squeeze your brain cells, is lying to you, or is trying to sell you a poor quality course.

Dear friend, making money without selling anything with CPA marketing is not synonymous with easy.

For a novice who reads a title like this, his perception is that with this system he is going to be covered in money in an easy way and having a coke.

In a way he is right, but doing nothing is nothing more than a utopia, it does not exist, if it were so, we would have many new millionaires out of nowhere.

This business is very technical and scientific, because yes or yes, you have to rely on statistics, especially if you are investing in paid traffic.

You have to know where the conversions are coming from and leave those ads that are working and stop what is not converting you.

CPA marketing is by far the best way to earn money and a lot online.

But make no mistake, you have to prepare as an athlete prepares to win.

Some cpa networks that will not give you problems to approve your application.

Cpa networks are very cautious when approving an application request.

The reason for this is due to fraud, it is very easy to try to deceive the company with fraudulent registrations.

If you’re thinking of doing it, my advice is to back off with this attitude.

Cpa networks have very good anti-fraud systems and most likely they will detect you, close your account and freeze your earnings.

Here are some cpa networks you can get started with.

CPA Grip

A very good affiliate network with offers almost everywhere in the world.

How to earn money online
This is an excellent network that allows you to create campaigns with content blocking, this strategy can leave you very good income if you apply it in the right way

Registration is very simple and you will not have problems getting your application approved.

It has interesting tools to get leads, such as the content loker. That is nothing more than blocking content and for these to be unblocked, they must fill out a cpa offer.


very good has excellent offers and also its own Tracker system that allows you to analyze traffic and see where conversions are coming from and thus optimize your campaigns.

how to make money with cpa marketing

Another virtue of this network is that it has an academy where you can learn and in this way begin to have good results.


 This network is similar to CpaGrip in that you can block content and in this way boost your conversions.

It has a lot of cool offers that you can start working with.

One tip is that you start with the simplest to promote.

CPA lead another excellent cpa affiliate network

These are those of email summit, where the person only has to fill out a form with their name and email.


 This network is the best, it has many offers that you can promote and take advantage of and earn good money.

It has content blocking tools “contenta loker”, and also has incentive offers.

It has tutorials where it teaches you how to use its tools and also has products that you can give using the content loker tool.

AdWorkMedia a cpa affiliate platform to generate good income
This affiliate network is the best, it has offers that you can work with with incentives and content blocking tools.

The good thing about these networks is that they do not put obstacles for you to be accepted, you just have to apply and wait for them to approve you.

In some cases, they pass immediately.

Affiliate marketing cpa is a topic that if we started to dig deeper I would give for a book.

However, I have tried to make this topic treat it as a bird, help you make a decision about what you would like to do in the world of digital marketing.

Recommendations for those who want to start with CPA Marketing.

If you are a person who does not like sales and feels more comfortable with this type of business where you intervene behind your computer and do not show yourself physically, nor do you have to sell anything.

Then digital marketing is your custom footwear.

If you take it seriously and learn the right way, make no mistake about it, that you will be able to live off the internet and create a small fortune.

In future content, I will be sharing some strategies for you to start generating your first dollars with cpa marketing.

I hope this content is very useful and helps you get that income that allows you to live on the Internet, comfortable and happy.

All I ask is that you share this content with your social networks.

Leave a comment, it will always be well received and if you want privileged information, all you have to do is sign up for my list.

Without more to say, until the next publication.

A hug and many blessings from the Most High.

Nestor Beltrán Valladares.

Author of Blog and Money.

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